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Curriculum Report Format

Curriculum Report Format


  • These (below) are suggested headings - take out these notes and the notes below the headings.

  • These are “business as usual” reports to assure the board that we are covering all required curriculum areas. Therefore, the report should be brief.

  • The board’s focus is on ends rather than means - on the big picture rather than the detail - on creating the future rather than on the past. (i.e. focus the report on what the students are achieving not on what the teachers or students are doing)

  • The Board Operations Policy delegates responsibility for Curriculum Delivery to the principal, therefore this is the principal’s report to the board.

Adapted from: Moffat, L., & Hines, E. (2003), The governance manual: school charter and policy framework. Wellington: NZSTA


Curriculum Report – “.”



  • What sort of things did the students do over the last 12months (since the last report) - to advance that vision.

Assessment Procedures

  • What student assessment procedures are being used to find out how well the vision is being advanced?

Trend Analysis

  • What do the results of the student assessments show? - How well is the long term vision being advanced? - Are students succeeding?

Students and Groups of Students at risk

  • Who are the students who are not succeeding at this time? (in general terms).

Teaching and learning strategies to address the above

  • What is being done - what changes are being made - so that all students succeed.

Looking Ahead

  • Planned changes in the vision and the particular focus for this curriculum area at this school at this time in light of student achievement data and/or curriculum changes and the school’s vision and strategic directions.