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Information for Parents and Caregivers


  • Children must come to school every school day unless they are sick.

  • Contact the office 0-9-4011532 or text the principal on 0-21-411534 or Toll Free 0508KAIKOHE (0-508-524564) before 9:30am if your child is too sick to come to school or for any other reason. This will save school staff trying to contact you to make sure that your child is safe.

  • Children must stay at school for the full school day. No child will be allowed to leave school during the day unless a known family member comes to the office or there is a written request or phone call from the parent/caregiver.


  • Children who are under ten who live more than 3.2km from their nearest school are entitled to travel to that school by bus if a service is available. Children who are ten or more are eligible if they live more than 4.8km from the school.

  • The boarding of buses after school is closely controlled to ensure that children travel on the correct bus.

  • You can be sure that unless there are exceptional circumstances, your children will board the bus that they are enrolled on unless the school receives a note or phone call from the parents. If there is no note or call, children will go home on their usual bus.

  • Please avoid ringing the office in the afternoon to make changes in bus arrangements. It is not always easy to get a message to the right child before the buses leave.

Children with Special Rights

  • Kaikohe East School welcomes children with special rights. Special Educational Needs Coordinator Kaz Chamberlain oversees the care and education of all children with special rights and works closely with parents, teachers and support agencies.

  • The school has wheelchair access and accessible washrooms and a fully enclosed playground.

Classroom Organisation

  • Kaikohe East is a Year 1-6 school. Students generally move on to the Year 7 and 8 classes at Kaikohe Intermediate.

  • Children who start their first year after July are generally classified as Year 0 until the following year when they will move into Year 1.

  • Mixed classes are usual in our school. This means that there could be two or sometimes three year levels in the same classroom.

  • At the end of the year parents and caregivers are welcome to contact the principal to discuss their children's class placement for the following year.

  • If parents or caregivers have any concerns about their child’s placement during the year they should contact the principal to meet and discuss their concerns.

Communicating with the School

School Newsletter

  • The school newsletter is distributed via the eldest child in each family every Wednesday. If you do not receive a newsletter contact the school on 09-4011532.

  • The school newsletter is also published on the school website and on the school Facebook page.


  • School telephone number: 09-4011532.

  • Dental Clinic telephone number: 09-4011534 or 0800 MYTEETH.

  • Principal: 021-411534 or Toll Free 0508KAIKOHE (0-508-524564).

Contacting Staff Members

  • If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher by telephone, please leave a message at the office (09-4011532), and the teacher will call you. To make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher, or another staff member, contact the office.

  • You may prefer to send an email. Staff members’ email addresses follow this format: christianname@kaikeast.school.nz.

Concerns or Complaints

  • If you have concerns or complaints that you wish to discuss, contact the office and make an appointment to meet the principal, or see your child’s teacher in the first instance.

  • If you consider that your concerns are not being addressed, a complaint should be made, in writing, to the chairperson of the board of trustees:

The Chairperson

Kaikohe East Board

36 Mangakahia Road

Kaikohe 0405



  • All students are taught the New Zealand National Curriculum.

  • Parents may choose to enrol their children in the General classes, or the Bilingual classes.

  • Bilingual classes follow the National Curriculum and have 51-80% of their instruction in Māori.

  • The General classes have all their instruction in English. They also have some Māori Language instruction covering simple commands and greetings and basic pronunciation.

Duffy Books in Homes

  • Our school belongs to the Duffy Books in Homes programme that provides all our children with up to six books that they can keep at home. The programme also provides us with about two shows during the year whereby reading and literacy are promoted.


  • If there is a Civil Defence emergency, children may be sent home early if the principal is satisfied that there is a responsible person at home. If the principal cannot be assured that there is a responsible person at home, children will be kept safe at the school.


  • Enrolments are welcome any time that the office is open or by contacting the Principal on 021-411534 or Toll Free 0508KAIKOHE after hours.

  • Please bring your child’s birth certificate, Plunket book, passport if not a NZ citizen and any other information that you think is important.

  • Copies of documents will be taken on the day of enrolment and returned immediately.


  • The Public Health Nurse checks five-year-old children shortly after they start school. Parents are advised when this check will take place, and are encouraged to be present.

  • If a child becomes sick or is injured while at school we will try to contact the parents. If we cannot contact you we will arrange with your doctor for any necessary urgent medical attention.

  • Kaikohe East School is a Health Promoting School. We encourage all opportunities to promote child health.

  • Children receive a piece of fruit and a drink of milk every day.

  • The school is creating an edible garden area at the far end of the school field.

  • As part of our commitment to being sun smart our children are encouraged to wear hats whilst outside. This is to help protect our children from the risk of skin cancer later in life. If your child does not have a hat (or forgets their hat) they will be encouraged to stay in the shade. The use of sunscreen is also encouraged.

Lost Property

  • Parents are welcome to ask at the office if they wish to look through the collection of un-named lost property. From time to time this is disposed of to a charity.


  • Children eat lunch in their classroom, supervised by their teacher.

  • For health and safety reasons, lollies, chewing gum, canned drinks and glass bottles are not permitted at school.

  • Snacks, milk and fruit may be provided each day for all children.

Thursday Hotdogs & Friday Pie Day

  • Every Thursday we will sell Hotdogs & Juicies and every Friday we will sell Pies & Juicies through the school, orders will be taken in the office from 8.30am until 8.55am.

Pies & Hotdogs




Progress Reports and Interviews

  • Report meetings and parent-teacher-student hui/meetings are generally in March and August and are advertised in the school newsletter.

  • It is important to take the time to come along to these meetings.

  • Written reports are provided twice a year.

School Hours


Grounds open


School Starts

10:50 -11:20am


1:00 - 1:40pm

Lunch (Play)

1:40 - 1:50pm

Lunch (Eating)


School finishes

School Trips

  • All school trips are related to the school programme.

  • Most school trips are funded by the school but at times parents or caregivers may be asked to contribute towards trip costs.

  • All school trips are advertised in the school newsletter at least twice. It is assumed children are able to participate if we do not hear from parents or caregivers to the contrary.

  • The only school trips that require written permission are those that involve an overnight stay. These trips are generally planned for senior children only.

  • It is imperative that we have good parent help on trips. Teachers will contact parents or caregivers to ask whether or not they are available.

  • We do not allow preschoolers to go on school trips.



Chicky Rudkin


Rebecca Croucher

Y1-2 Team Leader

Joy Schwieters

Y3-4 Team Leader

Stevie Woodman

Whānau Leader – Y5-6 Team Leader

Kaz Chamberlain

Special Rights

Teaching Staff

Tina Harrison

Nga Kakano


Rebecca Croucher

Nga Kakano


Margaret Cassidy



Angela Wallis



Jacinda Selman

R5 Manawanui


Lydia Jelas



Waiora Wihongi-Court

R7 Rangimārie


Natalie Snow/

Elizabeth Atkinson



Barbara Phillips



Joy Schwieters



Nada Woods



Renee Rose



Sandy Lediard 



Claire Edmonds



Michelle Hudson



Ellen Milne




Stevie Woodman

R17 Tumanako


Jim Shortland


Support Staff

Kohi Woodman

Office Administrator



Darren Broomfield

Relief Caretaker

Crystal Harris

Teacher Aide

Anne Stillwell

Teacher Aide

Lorene Maihi

Teacher Aide

Nicky Raxworthy

Teacher Aide/Cleaner

Makoia Howard

Teacher Aide/Cleaner

Lois Maunsell

Teacher Aide

Makareta Te Awa

Teacher Aide

Aki Stephens

Larissa Hynes

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Attached Staff

Lucy Taurua-Mason

Social Worker


  • The school is not funded to provide children’s stationery. 

  • When children need stationery parents will receive a stationery note with the requirements marked.

  • Please send the correct money and return the note to school. Your child’s stationery will be delivered to their classroom.

  • Stationery is free for children who attend for the first 10 school days with no absences.

Term Dates 2021

Term 1

2 Feb – 16 Apr

Waitangi Day

8 Feb (Observed)

Easter Weekend

2 – 6 Apr

Term 2

3 May – 9 Jul

Queen’s Birthday

7 Jun

Term 3

26 Jul – 1 Oct

Term 4

18 Oct – 14 Dec

Labour Day

25 Oct


  • The school uniform is a Kaikohe East School polo shirt worn with black pants/bottoms (leggings, shorts, skirts, jeans etc) of choice, and a Kaikohe East School polar fleece jacket.
  • Shirts – sizes 8-14 and XXS-L $30.
  • Jackets – sizes 6-14 $55, S-L $65.
  • Hoodies – sizes 6-14, S-M $30.

  • Caps and Beanies - $8 each.

Visits by four year olds

  • We welcome and encourage four year olds and any other prospective pupils to visit our school prior to enrolment.

  • For four year olds these visits are good to familiarize children with their new environment.

  • Please come and see or phone Whaea Becs in Room 2 if you wish to discuss starting your 5 year old in either General or Bilingual classes.