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Newsletter 201433 - 22 October 2014


A very special “Welcome” to the following students and their whānau to our school this week:  Mahara Reuben-Tuoro, Napiah and Tiarah Brown-Korewha, Whitiora Wikaira-Mokaraka, Ford Ngaika, Mack Baker and Mautini Korewha-Tane.


School Closed

Our school will be closed on Monday 27th October 2014, for Labour Weekend.


Teachers to Christchurch

Over the next two weeks all teachers will be travelling to Christchurch to visit two schools to learn more about the Reggio Inspired teaching approach. The first group of teachers/teacher aides will be leaving on the afternoon of Tuesday 21st and returning on the evening of Thursday 23rd, the second group of teachers will be leaving on the afternoon of the 28th and returning on the evening of 30th October. While this is happening classes will be buddied up for these days.

Class changes for next two weeks on Wednesday and Thursday while teachers are away on PD.


For the first week


Room 3 in Tumanako

Room 12 in Room 15

Room 5 in Room 4 or 6

Room 14 in Manawanui

Rooms 1,6 and Rangimāie will remain in their rooms


For the second week


Tumanako in Room 3

Rangimārie in Room 12

Room 4 in Room 5

Manawanui in Room 14

Rooms 1, 6 and 15 will remain in their rooms.


Classes for 2015

Class organisation for 2015 will be drafted over the next few weeks, if whānau have any preferences for what class their child/children are in please let Whaea Chicky know.  We will try to honour your preference when creating class lists if possible. Most classes next year will be mixed levels so there might be for example in one class a mix of Year 4,5 and 6 children in a Senior class and similarly in a Junior class their maybe a mix of Year 2,3 and 4 children.


School Uniform 2015

We will be expecting all children in school uniform by the beginning of next year so come and see Kohi at the office about part time payments or purchase now!

School Polo shirts are $35 and you will receive a free pair of black pants while stocks last.

We also are ordering the polar fleece jacket (full or half zip) These will be priced according to sizes therefore from a size 6 – 14 will be $55 each any size bigger will cost $65 each.


Junior Trip

All junior children will bring a letter home today detailing the Junior Trip on Tuesday 4th November 2014.  Buses are planning to depart school at 9am and return to school by 2.30pm on this day.


Kai at school

All whānau please remember that we have plenty of yummy kai at school we are more than happy to give your child/children throughout the day. Please do not think that because you don’t have kai for breakfast or lunch that you need to keep your child/children at home. Send them school, we have weetbix, milk, bread etc for toast and lots of snack foods!


Children arriving late

It is of concern when the same children are often late for school. A reminder that it would be awesome if your child/children could be at school by 8.45am at the latest please. 

Year 6 Transition Visits

All Year 6 children will on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th November be visiting Kaikohe Intermediate School in preparation for 2015.  All whānau are welcome to attend on either of these two days to see what great work is happening at Kaikohe Intermediate School. The Year 6 children will at this time meet teachers, be involved in activities and will gain some insight into how Year 7 might be for them in 2015.


Magic Show

The Lions Club of Whangarei is the proud host of the ‘World Festival of Magic’ at the Forum North in December. The shows are scheduled for Monday 15th of December. Performance times are 4.30pm and 7.00pm.

Free Doctor’s Visits

Northland children aged between 6 and 12 years (up to their 13th birthday) now have free access to their general practitioner including after-hours consultations.  The current $5 prescription charge will also be covered.


End of Year Celebration

On Wednesday 10th December we will be having a “Run, Jump, Throw” Day and Hāngi for our End of Year Whānau Celebration. We welcome all whānau and friends to come along to enjoy the day!

Don Edmonds,
23 Oct 2014, 00:19