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Newsletter 201418 - 11 June 2014


A very special welcome back to the following children and their whanau: Harley Phillips and R.J and Crystal Gent.


Principals’ Awards

Here are the Principal Awards for the last two school assemblies.  Congratulations Manaaki-Tia Nepia-Hill and Bubbles Hereora!


School Speech Contest

This Thursday we are having our school speech contest in the school hall at 9.30am.  There are generally about 2 finalists from each class either competing in the competitive or non-competitive category.

The two competitive winners will go on to compete next week at the Kaikohe Rotary Speech Contest held at the Mid North Motor Inn from 6.30pm, competing against other local school winners.

Our class finalists for Thursday are:

Room 1: Viennah

Room 4: Maia & Sabina

Room 5: Havahna & Rosemary

Room 6: Simone & Lucas

Manawanui: Bubbles, Mihi & Walter

Tumanako: Rangatira, Te Owai & Chanel

Rangimarie: Maioha & Manaaki-Tia

Room 12: Te Aria & Kane

Room 14: Puawai & Azariah

Room 15: Kaya & Raiha

All Whanau are welcome to join us in the hall from 9.30am.


Our new uniforms

Any Whanau wishing to order a polo shirt for $35 each please come and see Kohi in the office to either pay for in full or arrange time payment.

A reminder that uniforms are optional for 2014.


Saturday Netball

Many thanks to the coaches and whanau who came along to support our school teams on Saturday. This Saturday all teams are to meet their coaches at Lindvart Park by 8.30am please. All JMB Netball games will be over by 10.15am. 

Fees for the season are $10 per player payable at the school office. 


Saturday Hockey

Many thanks to our Whanau who helped out with Hockey on Saturday. Please remember that if your child arrives at Hockey without a mouthguard they will not be permitted to play.

Mrs Woodman’s team please be at the turf at 9.30am and Whaea Claire’s team please meet at the turf by 10.30am.


After School Hockey

Whaea Claire will be having hockey practices for her hockey team every Monday after school at the Lindvart Park turf starting this Monday 16th June. 


Manawanui/Rangimarie to Te Hana

On Thursday 26th June, this term Manawanui and Rangimarie are planning on going on a day trip to Te Hana o Te Ao Marama Maori Village and Snow Planet. We will be leaving school at 7:30am traveling by bus and returning to school by 8:30pm.


Mid Year Progress Report

Teachers are currently writing reports for all children who have been at our school for more than six weeks. The reports will indicate where your child is in relation to the National Standard for Reading, Writing and Maths, what they can do and what they are learning to do. It is hoped that these reports are written clearly enough for Whanau however there may be queries that Whanau wish to talk to their child’s teacher about? Please feel free after reading your child’s report next week to make a time to come and see their teacher if you need to.


Sausage Sizzles

To assist with Sports fees this season there will be a Sausage Sizzle this Friday 13th and next Friday 20th. Sausages will be $2 each, orders taken in classrooms and delivered at 1pm.


Room 3 Opening

Due to roll growth in Room 1 it is hoped that in Term 3 we open Room 3 as a class for five year olds.

We are pleased that Margaret Cassidy will be the teacher in Room 3 starting on Monday 16th June with visits with her new class.

By now the Whanau of the 5 year olds from Room 1 who will be moving into Room 3, will have been contacted by Miss Snow, Mrs Croucher or Whaea Chicky.

It is important that we know if you have a child in your Whanau who is turning 5 this year and will be attending our school or if you have any Whanau possibly moving to our school this year.

Please contact us or come and see us.

Bring the child’s birth certificate or passport and their plunket book or their before school check information if you can.

We can still enrol your child without this information but do need it at some stage soon after they start school.


No kai for lunch?

A reminder to all Whanau that we have lots of food at school for your child/children if you are short of kai for breakfast or lunch.

Please do not keep your child at home if there is no kai, send them to school and we will make sure they get some yummy food. We have weetbix, milk, bread, jam, nut bars, fruit and lots of other tasty morsels for them to munch on.


Don Edmonds,
11 Jun 2014, 13:22