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Newsletter 201412 - 16 April 2014

Farewell and thanks

Last week we said farewell and thanks to Matua Kupenga Manukau who completed a one-week observation in Tumanako. He will return later in the year to complete a further teacher trainee placement. Tomorrow we thank and farewell Whaea Karen Timperley who has been completing a teacher trainee placement in Tumanako also.



This week we welcome to our school Ani Sheikh and Willow Layne.


April Holidays

A reminder that our last day for Term 1 will be Thursday 17th April and Term 2 will resume for all children on Monday 5th May.


Term 2 Timetable

A reminder that in Term 2 we will be trialling this new timetable:


Literacy - Reading and Writing




Numeracy Math


Topic / Inquiry

Junior classes particularly would have two small fruit/snack breaks during the Literacy Numeracy blocks.  We welcome any feedback Whanau may have regarding the trial.


Subway only Thursday

For Term 2 and 3 we will only be offering Subway lunches every Thursday only. Evon lunches will be available on a Tuesday and will from Term 2 include a macaroni/cheese lunch option.


Want to play Soccer?

For any queries re Soccer for all children 12 years and under Contact is Gareth Johnson, phone 0275889959.

Also if we have a parent/adult from our school able and willing we could have a Kaikohe East team entered into this Saturday competition. Anyone interested contact Whaea Chicky in the first instance.


Kaikohe Intermediate Gala

Kaikohe Intermediate School have postponed their Gala


Term 2 Junior Trip

The juniors classes, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9 are proposing a trip to Auckland to see the show 'Annie" in June. This is a great opportunity to see the Arts in action, dance, drama, music as well as the Visual Arts. It involves social interaction with other classes and will promote lots of language. This experience will help enrich the children’s language development. There will be a contribution for each child to cover transport, ticket and overnight stay in Auckland. Classes will also be holding fund raising cake stall and sausage sizzles.

If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact your class teacher.


Term 2 Topic

Teachers have discussed a broad topic for Term 2 called Planet Earth and Beyond. The topic is a broad Science topic that classes will base some of their term 2 work around.


Cycle Track Ride and Monument Visit

Due to the weather yesterday this activity for Senior classes was cancelled.



It is important that we know if you have a child in your Whanau who is turning 5 this year and will be attending our school. Please contact us or come and see us if you do.

Bring the child’s birth certificate or passport and their plunket book or their before school check information if you can.


School Polo Shirts

We are pleased that these have finally arrived. Rather than sending orders home with children we would prefer if Whanau called in to collect orders please. Remember uniforms are not compulsory yet but if your child wears a school Polo they must wear it with a black bottom please. Sweatshirts are still being organised.

If you wish to order a school polo shirt please call into the office to arrange time payment or pay $35 and get one polo.


Zero Waste

In term 2 Sue Woods from the Zero Waste programme will be visiting classes in the first week to raise awareness of issues faced around waste management and making changes to daily practices. This will involve looking at lunchboxes and ways to reduce packaging.


Recent Events

Royal Family Dance Crew visit and performance.

Duffy Assembly visit and distribution of Duffy Books.

Don Edmonds,
18 Apr 2014, 22:16