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Newsletter 201331 - 16 October 2013


This week we would like to welcome the following new tamariki: Irihapeti Tutahi-Hori, Jayden Tango, Terri Simon, Sarah Jane Fekita, Hamyne Harry, Hugh Pickering, Castro Pompey, Ngawini and Rangianiwaniwa Tomo.


Bike Track

During the holidays and for the next few weeks we will be busy trying to organise and prepare for the Bike Track opening. We were lucky enough to receive some funding and used school funds to purchase approximately 50 bikes and a helmet per child. We are hoping to have an official Bike Track opening on Friday 1st or 8th of November. We will keep you updated with the confirmed date.

Stolen School Bikes

Any information please contact the school, a reward will be awarded to the any one that provides information that leads to the recovery of the 5 bikes.  Below are photos of the bikes taken, 3 of the blue bike and 2 of the silver bike.

Clubs projects

Firstly another big thank you to our Whanau who came along to support us with our Term 3 Clubs programmes. We all are very appreciative of the support we received from you all –  Whaea Carla Tawhai, Whaea Michelle Tito-Brown, Matua Chris Harris, Whaea Chrissy Adams and Whaea Moengaroa Pomare.

The Art Club who were preparing a mural will unveil their work on the same day as the Bike Track opening and all classroom mosaics will also be in place on this day.


Talent Quest
On Tuesday 10th December we are planning to hold a Kaikohe East School Talent Quest in our school hall. All children will be able to audition and practise their items in their classrooms. Teachers will select 1-3 acts/performers from each class to participate on this day. More details later.


Holiday Projects

The re-roofing of some classrooms has been completed. The ultra-fast Broadband up-grade will continue for another 2-3 weeks.


DDF Dance Classes


Enrol now, classes start on Monday 21st October
8 week workshop Mon/Wed at Kaikohe East School
New Tutor Kahu Cassidy
Babies 3.15-3.45pm
Kids 7-10yrs 3.45pm-4.30pm
Teens 4.30-5.30pm
Call Alannah on 0-9-4079818/0-27-2225574 for any further information or queries.


2014 School Organisation

Staff are currently considering our class/school organisation for 2014. If any Whanau have any ideas about next year do not hesitate to phone us and tell us about them, email, text or send your ideas to the office.

If you have a preference for which class your child is in for next year please feel free to let us know and if possible we will try to accommodate your request.


End of Year Reports

Teachers will be completing written end of year reports for all tamariki over the next few weeks. Reports will be sent home with the school newsletter on Wednesday 11th December giving Whanau two days before the end of the year to come and discuss reports with teachers if they wish.


Transition for Year 6

Teachers of Year 6: Whaea Kelli, Matua Jim and Whaea Stevie have been planning with Kaikohe Intermediate staff two transition days for Year 6 who will be attending Kaikohe Intermediate School next year. There will be two specific transition days held this term on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th November. All Year 6 children unless we are told otherwise by Whanau will go up to the Intermediate and be involved in two days work. They will be looked after by our ex-pupils and will get a good idea about how the Intermediate operates. Whanau are more than welcome to visit also on these days.


Holiday Reading

Could all Library Books that were taken home in the holidays please be returned to the school as soon as possible. Thank you to the children who have brought their books back already.


Don Edmonds,
16 Oct 2013, 17:11