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Newsletter 201317 - 12 June 2013


This week we welcome to our school new tamariki: Dayton Romana-Cooper and Jamayne Dixon.


Dictionaries to Year 4 from Rotary

At our School Assembly on Friday 5th July we are expecting visitors from the Kaikohe and Milford Rotary who are once again very kindly donating dictionaries to all our Year 4 children.


School Jump Rope

Today all classes were involved in Jump Rope activities. We created a coin trail and donated the money to the Heart Foundation.


Mid Year Reports

All children who have been at school for at least 6 weeks will be bringing home a mid year report indicating where they are placed in terms of the National Standards in Writing, Reading, Math. If any Whanau have any queries re this mid year report please feel free to make a time to come and see the appropriate teacher/s. All going well these reports will be sent home on Wednesday 26th June in envelopes.


Waitangi Trip

Room 15 and Room 4 are going to Waitangi this Friday 14th June. They are taking advantage of the free tour and show being offered to NZ Citizens for the month of June.  Tumanako and Room 14 went earlier this week and found it worthwhile. Here is a story about their visit.


On Monday we went to Waitangi. We firstly watched a movie and then we went hiking. We went into a house, it was spooky inside of the house. We went somewhere to look at the big waka. I was throwing rocks in the water and I got a growling for throwing the rocks in the water from this man. I didn’t listen properly to the teacher.

They had a big waka at Waitangi. It was the longest waka I have ever seen in my life.

By Hugh Pickering-Park


Year 5/6 Fundraising

Year 5 Children from Room 14 will be conducting a HAMPER RAFFLE. Donations to the hamper can be sent to Room 14 this week. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes

Tickets available from this Friday..

Drawn at School Assembly on Friday 21st June.


Clothing donations

Following our school featuring on Campbell Live we have been showered with kindness. This week a group of wonderful people from Auckland couriered us 12 large boxes full of clothing. Whanau are more than welcome to come in to sort through and take any clothing items they need. Just call into the school office to let us know you are here.


JMB Netball 

All teams need to be at Lindvart Park by 8.30am to meet their coaches.


BOI JMC Hockey

Games for Saturday 15th June.


Please be at ground by 8.30 

KES 4, field B

KES 3, field 2


Please be at ground at 9.20

KES 2, field 2 Please meet Whaea Chrissy


Please be at ground at 10.10

KES 1, field 1.


School Speeches

All classes recently have been working on speeches. .This Thursday 13th June we will be holding our Kaikohe East School Speech contest. All Whanau are welcome to attend.

All classes will be seated in the Hall by 10.15

Approx 10am:  Junior Non Competitive Year 1-3 followed by Senior Non Competitive Year 4-6

Placings awarded for Non Competitive section


11:30. Competitive section to start for Senior classes. Two final winners will represent the school at the Finals to be held at the Kaikohe RSA on Wednesday 19th June from 6pm.


Here is a speech written by Dooley Howard in Room 14.

Kia ora. My name is Dooley

I know I am a Bully.

I think Bullying is not cool. 

Firstly, Bullies are not caring.  They pick on other kids.  These kids feel sad.  They may not even come to school. 

Secondly, Bullies should find some other things to do instead of Bullying.  They could be the best people in class at art, they could also be the best player at rugby league, so stick with it.

Thirdly, Bullies are probably bullied or bossed around at home.  They don’t know any better, so they come to school and boss other people. 

If children don’t like being told what to do they say, “No, You Do It”.  What do you think that Bully is going to do?  Yes, that’s right.  He is going to give him a hiding.

If I see a Bully being mean I would go up to him and say, “Please don’t hurt him”.  If you talk to the bully nicely, he or she may stop and think about it. 

The other day, a boy in our class and I had an incident where I wanted to attack him, but I didn’t.  Mrs Stillwell talked to me nicely and took me outside.  She calmed me down.  I think he was being a Bully.  I could have been a bully too, but I wasn’t.

My last message to Bullies is to be nice to others so that you will make more friends and get more rewards from your teacher.  Which means you will be able to go on school trips for example our school trip to Auckland.

I feel proud of myself because I am working on controlling my anger and not being a Bully.


Don Edmonds,
12 Jun 2013, 21:07