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Newsletter 201315 - 29 May 2013


This week we would like to welcome Rewi Edmonds to our school.  Also, apologies to Boston Waiariki in Room 1. We had a misprint with his name in last week’s newsletter.


School Closed on Monday

A reminder to everyone that there is no school on Monday due to it being Queen’s Birthday weekend.


Deepest Sympathy

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Auger Whānau. Sadly, Mrs Mollie Auger who worked in our school library for many years passed away last week.


Subway returns

After Queen’s Birthday we will be once again offering subway lunches for children every Tuesday and Thursday only. Whaea Beeby will continue to take orders in the hall from 8.30am and orders will be delivered to classrooms by 12.30pm.  We will be continuing with Trumps Café orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our special thanks to Trumps Café for their wonderful service during the time that Subway was out of action.


Learning at Home

Here are some activities Whānau might like to do at home with their 6 to 8year olds.

  • Record the alphabet from a to z being sure to leave some spaces for your child to fill in the missing letters.
  • Practise spelling out aloud and writing simple everyday words such as: mum, dad, me, he, she, cat, went, come, said.
  • Practising counting out aloud from 1 to 100, then try going backwards try counting by twos, fives and tens to 100 also.


JMB Netball 

Thanks once again to our wonderful supporters and coaches who come along to Saturday games. Player of the Day for teams from Saturday were:

Eagles: Te Aria Witehira

Sparrows: Tumanako Gray

Both players will receive a McDonald’s Player of the Day certificate.

A reminder there is no JMB Netball this weekend because of Queen’s Birthday.


BOI JMC Hockey

Thank you to all parents and supporters who came on Saturday even in the yucky weather to support our children.  Player’s of the Day this week are:

Fun Sticks: Jesikah Wihongi

Mini Sticks: Taniora Moka

Kiwi Sticks 1: Te Reremoana Brown.

NO HOCKEY this Saturday because of Queen’s Birthday.


New Enrolments

Due to overwhelming numbers in Te Korowai o te Aroha – Maori Bilingual Unit, at this stage we are unable to take any new enrolments in to Manawanui, Rangimarie and Tumanako.  Students will be placed on a waiting list and in to mainstream classes until spaces are available.


Sneeze Safe Day

Here are Te Aute and Nicole from Room 6, demonstrating the 4 steps of being Sneeze Safe.

This was a school wide activity on 23rd May.


Rheumatic Fever Swabbing

This term the Rheumatic Fever team are travelling around to our local schools doing Mass Throat Swabbing, because of this they are unable to do the usual weekly visits to our school. However, we would like to remind parents that if your child complains of a sore throat to please let Kohi in the office know. We will be keeping a record and contacting them to come in and swab when we need them.

BOI Gymnastics Club

Welcome back to all gymnasts and their Whanau.  As we have had so many children interested in Kaikohe Gymnastics we have had to split the classes, Tuesday is Pre-school and school age children 2 – 7 years and Thursdays is 8-12 years plus.


Fees for this term are $40 per child and $30 for pre-school age (only 1/2 hour class on the Tuesday 3.30pm-4pm)


Fire Evacuation practise

This week we will have a fire evacuation practise to ensure that all our children, staff and visitors are familiar with what to do in an emergency situation.

When a continuous bell rings this indicates that everyone in the school must assemble down by the Junior Playground near Purdy Street.

Don Edmonds,
28 May 2013, 20:24