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Newsletter 201307 - 13 March 2013


This week we welcome the following new students: Gabriel Adams, Minnie-Rangi Maihi and Joshua Paki-Gent.


Class Letters

All children will be bringing home a class letter with this week’s newsletter from their teacher that will give whānau information about their child’s class routines, term events and important messages.


Late Children

It is important that ALL children are at school by 8:50am. This is to ensure they don’t miss any important notices or information in the morning.


Gala Day

A big thank you to everyone for their wonderful contribution, support, awhi and presence at this years Gala Day. What a magnificent day it was.

At this stage we are expecting our profit to be approximately $6000.


Tomorrow’s Early Day

A reminder to all whānau, that tomorrow all teachers who are NZEI Union members are required to attend a meeting being held in our school hall.

Therefore school will finish at 12.30pm. Those children who will be remaining at school are reminded to bring their togs along as Whaea Anne and Whaea Beeby will be taking small groups down to the pool in the afternoon for a swim. There will be minimal supervision available and buses will run as normal.


Parent/Child/Teacher Hui

Whānau Meetings for Term 1 are planned for Tuesday March 19th and Wednesday March 20th. School will close at 12.30pm on Tuesday 19th. Buses will run as usual and children not collected by whānau at 12.30pm will be supervised until 3pm.

On Wednesday meetings will start at 3.15pm. This is a great opportunity for whānau to come along and discuss how we can work together to ensure success for our tamariki.


Cake & Class Hamper Winners

Congratulations to our Cake box winner, Inakoi Nepia-Hill who will receive a special prize at school assembly this week for having the most decorative cake.



We still have raffles for sale at the school office. All raffles will be drawn under police supervision once most or all tickets are sold. We have tickets available for: a rugby ball letter box, Kaikohe Intermediate Uniform, coffee table and printer. Come in and purchase tickets from the school office.


Ice Blocks

Ice blocks will be available all week at lunchtime from the school office, 50¢ an ice block.


Furniture for Sale

We are expecting within the next two weeks new furniture arriving for Rooms 12, 14 and 15 so we are selling large children tables with 6 chairs for $60 per set and desk/chair sets for $5 each. Payment can be made at the school office and we will contact you when the furniture needs collecting.


Going Digital

Attached to the newsletter is an information pamphlet about “Going Digital”. This is the change from the old analogue TV signal to digital TV which means that all New Zealanders will get better pictures and more channels, no matter where they live.


Health Nurse

Public health nurses work in all Northland schools, and offer a broad range of services to your children, including health assessments, vaccinations and referrals to other agencies and GPs. They are experienced registered nurses with training in specific areas related to child and youth health. If you have further questions about this, or do NOT want your child to benefit from this service, please

call Lorreen Broughton [PHN 0-800-5374342 or 0-21-441958] to discuss further.


Swimmers in the weekend

Please call the police or my cell phone if you see anyone in our swimming pool over the weekend. Our children have missed swimming sessions because unwelcomed swimmers leave all sorts of debris in the pool making it unsafe to swim in first thing on Monday.


Kaikohe Rugby Muster

Under 11’s this Thursday 14th March from 4pm-5pm at the Kaikohe Rugby Grounds.


Taiamai Day

Taiamai Day 23rd March in Ohaeawai, $10 a stall. Contact Jen 4059545 for more information.

Don Edmonds,
12 Mar 2013, 18:40