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Newsletter 201306 - 6 March 2013


This week we welcome the following new students: Prodeous RukisKamera Kerehi-Waiariki, Diaz Reihana-Watene, Ocean Stillwell, Kodee Tau-Whiu.


Class Letters

All children will be bringing home a class letter next week from their teacher which will give whānau information about their child’s class routines, term events and important messages.


Gala Day

This Saturday is our Gala Day, 9th March 2013. Start time 10am. Gates will be unlocked at approximately 9.45am. Any adult help from 8am to set up areas would be greatly appreciated please.


We are still asking for whānau help with some things: White elephant, Hot dogs, Treasure Hunt.


If you wish to volunteer any help please contact Whaea Chicky or Kohi in the school office. All classes are busy preparing hamper boxes so send along any non-perishable items for this. Cake Boxes (x1 per family) will come home today. It is asked that you cook a tasty treat and return it to school by at least 9.30am on the day of the Gala. The Cake stall will be in Room 6 with Desserts.


Tickets for all rides/food/hāngi are available now at the school office. On Saturday they will be sold from outside the office area.


Gala Hāngi Helpers

Many thanks to our whānau who have volunteered to help on Saturday. You will all be sent home a letter today with some details about your stall etc.


Could all hāngi prep helpers please come to school on Friday any time from 9am onwards. Please bring your own peeling knife if you would prefer.


Remember also on Saturday we will need wrappers down at the hāngi hole from about 2pm when the hāngi is ready. And for anyone wondering we do have a permit that allows us to burn our fire for thehāngi.


Parent/Child/Teacher Hui

Whānau Meetings for Term 1 are planned for Tuesday March 19th and Wednesday March 20th. School will close at 12.30pm on Tuesday 19th.  Buses will run as usual and children not collected by whānau at 12.30pm will be supervised until 3pm.

On Wednesday meetings will start at 3.15pm. This is a great opportunity for whānau to come along and discuss how we can work together to ensure success for our tamariki. Details re booking a time have been sent home again today to the whānau we have not heard from yet.  Please return completed forms to the office by Wednesday, March 13th 2013 so appointment times can be sent home on Friday, March 15th 2013.


Kiorahi Sports on Friday

This Friday about 15 children from Tumanako and Room 15 will be participating in a Kiorahi sports tournament at Lindvart Park. These children will be bringing home a separate letter today about this. It is important that the children involved bring their permission slip back to Whaea Kelli or Whaea Stevie by Friday please.


Swimmers in the weekend

Please call the police or my cell phone if you see anyone in our swimming pool over the weekend. Our children have now missed two Monday sessions because unwelcomed swimmers had left all sorts of debris in the pool making it unsafe to swim in first thing on Monday.


Kaikohe Rugby Rally Days

Contact Cheryl Smith 0-27-4343417.


Kaikohe Lions

The Kaikohe Lions Rugby League Club are looking for any players interested in playing RL in the following grades on Sundays.

Any further inquiries please contact Avis Stewart: 0-9-4010368 – 0-21-2078521 or Benson Selwyn: 0-9-4011406 after 5pm or 0-21-612375.


Teachers Union Meeting

On Thursday 14th March school will close at 12.30pm because all teachers must attend a Union meeting in the school hall. Buses will run as usual and supervision for children will be available for children not picked up by 12.30pm.

Don Edmonds,
12 Mar 2013, 18:22