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Newsletter 201304 - 20 February 2013


This week we welcome the following new students: Freeman Matthews, Trizae and Treyduron Thompson-Taipari and Tekoikoi Tahere.



Congratulations to the following students who were recognised at School Assembly:


School Role Models

Room 1 – Rikihana Graham

Room 3 – Walter Frisbie

Room 5 – Lilly-Mei Arthur

Room 6 – Te Aute Broomfield

Manawanui – Kenneth Marupo

Rangimārie – Shakura Lowry-Neho

Tumanako – Anahera Rogers-Simeon

Room 12 – Alicia Cassidy-Tupou

Room 14 – Jamaya Stewart

Room 15 – Summer Emile


Caught Being Good

Riccardo Broomfield, Lemaunde Howard-De La Croix, Indica Wharerau, Amelia Pomale and Azariah Rakete.


100% Attenders

Serenity Moka, Sabastion Moka, Envy Turner, Christina Nieper, Journey Kukutai and Diarvion Kukutai.


Principal’s Award

Congratulations Jahnequa Harris for being awarded the first Principal’s Award for 2013. Jahnequa received the award for having an excellent focussed attitude. She will receive a “lunch shout” from Whaea Chicky.


Staff Carpark

Whānau are reminded please to try to use Purdy Street when dropping children off and picking them up at 3pm.



Unfortunately it’s that time of year again when kutu’s are infesting our hair. Currently I am aware that there are a number of our children in many classrooms who need treatment. I am happy to use a product called Para Plus on children who need it or complain of having an itchy head. Please contact Whaea Chicky at the school should you not wish to have your child treated with this product. If I don’t hear from you I will assume it is ok to treat your child.


Gala Day

The scheduled day for our Gala Day is Saturday 9th March 2013. We are asking for whānau help with things such as providing: hangi wood, newspaper, items for the white elephant, cakes and help at stalls on the day. If you wish to volunteer any help please contact Whaea Chicky or Kohi in the school office. This years fundraising efforts will go towards purchasing bikes and helmets for our children to use on the newly developed bike track. A detailed pānui is attached. Our thanks, to the whānau who have already contacted us and offered their help.


Parent/Child/Teacher Hui

Whānau Meetings for Term 1 are planned for Tuesday March 19th and Wednesday March 20th. School will close at 12.30pm on Tuesday 19th.  Buses will run as usual and children not collected by whānau at 12.30pm will be supervised until 3pm.


On Wednesday meetings will start at 3.15pm. This is a great opportunity for whānau to come along and discuss how we can work together to ensure success for our tamariki. Details re booking a time have been sent home, please return completed forms to the office by Wednesday, March 13th 2013 so appointment times can be sent home on Friday, March 15th 2013. Let us know if you need another form or ring the school office to make a time.


No Lunch

Whānau are reminded please that if you have no suitable or any kai for lunches please do not keep your children home. Send them to school and we will give them kai for lunch. We have no problem with and will not judge your whānau if this is the case; we would rather have your children at school learning.


Library Books

If you have any School Library Books at home please return them to school as we have a number outstanding. Thank you.



All children who did not receive free stationery have been given an envelope indicating how much their stationery will cost. Stationery envelopes with the correct money enclosed can be dropped off at the school office. Packs will be organised and taken to rooms.


Teachers’ Union Meeting

On Thursday 14th March school will close at 12.30pm because all teachers must attend a Union meeting in the school hall. Buses will run as usual and supervision for children will be available for children not picked up by whānau at 12.30pm. We will send home a slip soon so you can tell us what will happen to your child at 12.30pm on this day.