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Newsletter 202010 - 20 May 2020


Avery special and warm welcome to our following new tamariki and their whānau who started throughout lockdown:

Skylar Mikaere, Mary-Jane Tuki, Te Mihinga Woodman, Breeze, Stevie-Ray and Levi Peters, Sepi Leaaetala, Ricardo and Eleazar Tarawa!!

Term 2 – Welcome Back!

It was so great to be back at school this week.  All staff and children were excited to start back to school albeit a little different currently.  We wish to thank all whānau who took on the mammoth task of home learning on board during lockdown.  We are really pleased to see the mahi and hear about all the awesome things you did with your tamarikiduring lockdown and appreciate your patience, support and communication during this time.  If there is anything we have all learned I believe it is how flexible, resourceful, respectful and supportive we need to be in difficult times.  

We look forward to other tamariki returning soon. Please remember home learning will end this week however teachers will continue their class communication with you all through seesaw or facebook.  

Please be assured that we have in place health and hygiene practises from the Ministries of Education and Health in place to keep everyone as safe as possible while at school. Thanks to whānau who are dropping children off at the bus bay gate and picking up from there at 3pm. Remember that if you must come into the school it is important that you sign in and out at the school office.

Our tamariki that have returned to school this week have had an awesome week with us. Here are a few pictures and stories from classes.

When Ngā Kākano tamariki returned to school they found some friends waiting for them in the classroom. 

Every child has adopted a teddy bear and will look after it for the week before they can bring it home. They all love their new friends.

From Room 4, Storm and Ricardo working together to build an amazing fort.

Room 8 has been creating beautiful art pieces.

“Hello everyone!” From Room 9.

Ngā Whetū – Room 10 are enjoying being back together!!

Room 12 “Hunter Gatherers”

Room 14 has been playing 'How Many Balloons Can We Keep in the Air?  So far we are up to 4.

This week we started using Zoom for our morning karakia. Tūmanako and Room 16 have taken on the taumata role and Room 15 has been our kaiwaiata. It has been a cool way to connect with our whole school while maintaining social distancing.