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Newsletter 202008 - 18 March 2020


A very special welcome to our following new tamariki and their whānau: Taikaha Baker and Moihi Pokaihau-Puhipi.


We are following Ministry guidelines around CoronaVirus and are aware whānau are concerned. The following information is what we have been provided with. Avoiding contact with sick people and taking everyday preventive measures to avoid the spread of germs is still the number one course of action at this point in time

Book Character Parade

Book Character Parade postponed until further notice – watch this space. 

Whakapakari Challenge

Our Whakapakari shield challenge against Ōhaeawai School has been postponed. A date will be confirmed in the near future.


Unfortunately, ALL Weetbix Tryathlons have been cancelled.

However, Kaikohe East School will be holding our very own TRYathlon this Friday 20th March at 1pm (lunchtime), we welcome all whānau who wish to come along and tautoko, we ask for all spectators to please watch from the area under the pine trees. 


The Year 5 and Year 6 Kī-o-rahi tournament has been cancelled.

Waitangi Marae visits

All Waitangi Marae visits have been cancelled.


Basketball on Monday’s with Taal Smith at Northland College from 4-6pm will still go ahead.

Skills session is on Monday March 23rd. The purpose of the session is to build basketball skills and confidence to help players and teams to be more game-ready for the upcoming modules. These skills sessions are available for all tamariki that are keen to participate in the modules.

Breakfast Club

We continue to run our daily Breakfast Club from 8am - 8.45am. 

All tamariki are welcome to come to the school hall to have a breakfast kai to start their day. Weetbix, fruit, yoghurt, baked beans and toast. Yum!

School Pool

Last day for swimming will be Monday, 23rd March. Our pool will be closed from then on.

Water Saving Tips

Here are a few tips for at home to keep saving water:

  • Flush the toilet less

  • If you have half flush use that or put a soft drink bottle in your toilet cistern to reduce quantity of water you flush

  • Use hand sanitiser or wipes instead of washing them from time to time

  • Place a large tub in the shower, stand in it and collect water for re-use

  • Keep a bottle of water in the fridge to drink rather than running water to fill a glass of water

Pedestrian Crossing on Broadway

Every morning from 8:15-8:30am and 3:00-3:15pm Mrs Maihi is on road duty at the pedestrian crossing closest to Paper Plus and the Doctors. Please be sure your child gets to the crossing so that they can cross during these times.

Term 1 Bell Times

School councillors met today and most children are enjoying the new bell times, and at our next meeting school councillors will have class data to share and we will make a final decision at that time.

Strep Throat

Rheumatic Fever is a preventable illness,  and our Rheumatic Fever Team, Meri Palmer & Karmelia Briggs, are in schools every Monday, Tuesday and Friday to deliver the "Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme".

If your child has a sore throat please encourage them to go and see our team to have their throat swabbed. 

If tamariki return a positive result of strep throat it is very important that the child takes their antibiotics everyday for 10 days to get rid of the bug.

There are steps we can all make to ensure our tamariki stay well and prevent strep throat from spreading and rheumatic fever from happening.

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or down your top - not into your hands)

  • Wash hands with soapy water on a regular basis or use hand sanitizer

  • Do not share toothbrushes

  • Do not share drinks and kai

  • Avoid overcrowding in small spaces

  • If a positive result is returned, please ensure you throw away your child's toothbrush and replace it with a new one, as the bug can sit in the bristles.