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Newsletter 202005 - 26 February 2020


Our deepest condolences to the whānau of our community who have lost loved ones this week. Our love and thoughts go out to you all.


A very special welcome to our following new tamariki and their whānau: Toretto Tran, Natasha and Te Arepa Repia, Lionel Hepi and Jayne Pulevaka.

Congratulations to our Tanga Card winners

The following children had their tanga card drawn out and were recognised at our school assembly last week. 

For Whanaungatanga

Aarianna from Room 5

Tyrian from Room 5

For Rangatiratanga

Tyrian from Room 5

Pauly Moka from Room 5

For Manaakitanga

Ata Warren from Room 17

For Kotahitanga

Mahina Stephens from Room 17

Arihia Phillips from Room 17

Principal's Award Recipient
Special congratulations to Jayze Yukich for starting the year so well, a great attitude and effort so far!

Pedestrian Crossing on Broadway

Every morning from 8.15-8.30am and 3-3.15pm Mrs Maihi is on road duty at the pedestrian crossing closest to Paper Plus and the Doctors. Please be sure your child gets to the crossing so that they can cross during these times.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club has started and runs from 8am - 8.45. 

All tamariki are welcome to come to the school hall to have a breakfast kai to start their day. Weetbix, fruit, yoghurt, baked beans and toast. Yum!

Water Update

We now have a water tank on site but it is yet to be connected. Once it is this can be used as backup for bathrooms around the school should we ever need it. We are also in the process of having all school water mains replaced. This project will be starting as soon as possible as we are continuing to have regular problems with leaks. It is great to see how well our community is doing in regard to conserving water, keep it up whānau!

Here are a few tips for at home to keep saving water:

  • Flush the toilet less

  • If you have half flush use that or put a soft drink bottle in your toilet cistern to reduce quantity of water you flush

  • Use hand sanitiser or wipes instead of washing them from time to time

  • Place a large tub in the shower, stand in it and collect water for reuse

  • Keep a bottle of water in the fridge to drink rather than running water to fill a glass of water

Big thanks to all those children who have brought permission slips to participate in the basketball module starting Monday 2nd of March at Northland College with Taal Smith until the end of term 3. We will enter two U11 teams and one U9's team.


Thanks to our whānau who managed to get their bikes in for our first training yesterday. Our Tryathletes are doing a great job. Training will continue every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm.

Waitangi Marae visits

This term we have planned day visits to Waitangi to coincide with our term topic – Who are we?

Dates for classes are as follows:

26th February – Room 15 (today)

4th March - Room 6 and Ngā Kākano

16th March - Room 8 and Room 9

18th March - Room 5 - Manawanui and Room 7- Rangimārie

19th March - Room 3 and 4

20th March - Room 14

There is no cost for this trip as it is part of our learning programme. The children will travel by bus leaving school at approximately 9.15am and returning to school by 2.15pm. Any queries, come and see your child’s teacher.

Kaikohe East School Board

Kaikohe East School Board met for the first time in 2020 last week. We elected our new Board Chairperson, Te Rina Toia. Special thanks to our previous Board Chair Lisa Tuwhangai who has successfully led our board for many years in the past. Lisa remains as a board member with Totorewa Rountree and staff trustee Kaz Chamberlain. Go to the school website www.kaikeast.school.nz for board minutes and associated reports.


Water Safe with Whaea Beth has been really successful with our juniors and half of the middles syndicate. This Monday coming will be the last Swimsafe session for rooms 1-9.

From week 6-10 it is Rooms 10-17’s sessions on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child brings their togs every Monday as this is a really important and effective program to keep our water babies safe. Any queries please see Whaea Lydia in Room 6.

Kaikohe Rugby Muster

Kaikohe Rugby Football muster Thursday 5th March, Kaikohe Rugby Club Penny Crescent 5pm – 7pm.