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Newsletter 202001 - 29 January 2020

Welcome back everyone!

To all our Kaikohe East Whānau – ngā  mihi o te tau hou!

A special welcome to all our new tamariki and their whānau.

Welcome to our new staff Whaea Te Rangi Doull who will be teaching in Manawanui Rm 5 and Whaea Nada Woods  who will be teaching in Rm 10 with Whaea Joy. Welcome also to Whaea Natalie Snow who will be teaching in Room 8 while Whaea Liz is on leave.  Unfortunately Whaea Liz has an injured back and we hope to see her back in about 4-5 weeks. A special welcome to our new Support Staff – Whaea Maraea and Matua Andy that are working in various classes supporting children and programmes.

2020 Term Dates

Term 1 – 28 January to 10 April

Term 2 – 30 April to 4 July

Term 3 – 20 July to 26 September

Term 4 – 12 October to 10 December

Waitangi Weekend

School will be closed on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th February next week, observing Waitangi Weekend.

New Bell Times

8.25am Classrooms open for children to enter

8.55am Get Ready Bell

9.00am In class ready for roll call and head to Karakia

10.50am Start of interval

11.15am Get ready bell

11.20am End of interval, back to class

1.00pm Start of lunch

1.35pm Get ready bell

1.40pm End of lunch, start to eat

1.50pm End of lunch eating, learning time starts

Whānau Hui – Term 1

We are planning to have 3 whānau hui times this term on Tuesday 11 February at the following times:

3.15pm, 4.15pm and 5.15pm.  At each hui the teacher of your child will meet you and others in their classroom to talk about class programmes, class routines etc and also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  We are hoping that these times are suitable for all and if not that the class letter that comes home next Wednesday helps too. If you feel as though you need to meet your child’s teacher at another time feel free to discuss a suitable time with the teacher.


A big thanks to whānau who have managed to get their tamariki into uniform.  If this is a struggle then please let us know and we might be able to help.

Here is a list of what we offer and their prices: polo shirts with the school logo $30, hoodies $30, fleece jackets $55, caps $8, beanie $8.


We have pies $2 and juicies $1 on Thursdays and Fridays. Orders will be taken at the school office before 8.50am and delivered to classes at 1pm.

Community Hub

We have confirmed a Community Hub for Thursday 20 February 2020 at Kaikohe Wānanga o Aotearoa from 8.30 am – 12.30pm for whānau wanting to access support for their children’s learning.

Teachers for 2020

Junior Syndicate

Room 1 and 2 – Ngā Kākano – Year 1 and 2 – Whaea Tina and Whaea Becs

Room 3 – Year 1 and 2 – Miss Cassidy

Room 4 – Year 1 and 2 – Whaea Angela

Room 5 – Junior Bilingual Year 1 and 2 – Whaea Te Rangi

Room 6 – Year 1 and 2 – Whaea Lydia

Middle Syndicate

Room 7 – Middle Bilingual Year 3 and 4 – Whaea Waiora

Room 8 – Year 3 and 4 – Whaea Liz

Room 9 – Year 3 and 4 – Whaea Tyme

Room 10 – Year 3 and 4 – Whaea Joy and Whaea Nada

Senior Syndicate

Room 12 – Year 5 and 6 – Whaea Ali

Room 14 – Year 5 and 6 – Whaea Sandy

Room 15 – Year 5 and 6 – Whaea Claire

Room 16 – Year 5 and 6 – Whaea Michelle (Mon/Tue) and Matua Jim (Wed/Thurs/Fri)

Room 17 – Senior Bilingual Year 4-6 -Whaea Stevie (Mon/Tue) and Whaea Michelle (Wed/Thur/Fri)

Special Rights Coordinator – Whaea Kaz

Classroom Release (3 days per week) Whaea Ceri

Room 13 – Special Rights

All children will be bringing home next Wednesday their class letter that will give whānau some insight into what is happening in their child’s class this term.


Thanks to all the children who have signed up for this year’s Tryathlon to be held in Waitangi on Sunday the 29th March 2020.  The fee to participate will be covered by the school but students must have their own bike and whānau must be available to transport their child and gear to and from the event.  Any queries please come and see Whaea Lydia in Room 6.

Waitangi Visits

This term we are not having an overnight marae stay, instead we have planned day visits to Waitangi to coincide with our term topic – Who are we?

Dates planned so far are:

10th February – Room 17/Tūmanako

12th February – Room 10 and 12

14th February – Room 16

26th February – Room 15

28th February – Room 14

4th March – Room 6 and Ngā Kākano

16th March – Room 8 and 9

18th March – Room 5 and 7

19th March – Room 3 and 4

There is no cost for these trips, the children will travel by bus at about 9.15am and return to school by about 2.15pm. More info later.

Swimming Days

See your child’s class letter for their swimming days.

Monday – Room 15, Room 16, Room 14, Room 8, Room 10, Room 4, Ngā Kākano, Room 6 and Special Rights children

Tuesday – Poutama, Room 17, Room 9, Room 7, Room 5, Room 3, Ngā Kākano, Room 6 and Special Rights children

Wednesday – Room 15, Room 16, Room 14, Room 8, Room 10, Room 4, Ngā Kākano, Room 6 and Special Rights children

Thursday – Poutama, Room 17, Room 9, Room 7, Room 5, Room 3, Ngā Kākano, Room 6 and Special Rights children

Friday – Children selected during the week from each class for free swimming

All children must swim in togs or light appropriate clothing , have their own towel, no sores and wear a cap if they have one.