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Newsletter 201935 - 27 November 2019


A special welcome to the following new students and their whānau: Elijah Irimana.


2020 Term Dates

Term 1 – Tuesday 28 January – Friday 10 April

Term 2 – Tuesday 28 April – Friday 3 July

Term 3 – Monday 20 July - Friday 25 September

Term 4 – Monday 12 October – Friday 11 December.


Children arriving at school before 8.25am

Whānau are reminded that while staff are often at school prior to 8.25am they are preparing for the day ahead and not supervising children. We have a number of children arriving at school very early in the morning and would encourage whānau to seek alternative arrangements so that their child is at school closer to 8.25am. Similarly at the end of the day we have children being collected at times well after 3pm. We would appreciate whānau co-operation.


Planning and for 2020 Classes and resources

Teachers are currently starting to organise for 2020. If whānau have any ideas about new ideas, resources or comments about 2020 please come and see your child’s class teacher or send an email to admin@kaikeast.school.nz with your ideas and contact number in case further details are needed. 

This includes any requests for your child’s class for next year. 


Bus Bay Reminder

Whānau are reminded that the bus bay by the sandpit is not for cars, only buses. Please do not park in the school bus bay.


Reports home

End of Year reports are being completed now and will be ready to send home soon. At times we are asked to provide a report for the mother and the father of a child, if this is what you require please be sure to let us know so we can arrange that.


Room 9 to Waitangi - 4 December

As a part of the Raranga Matihiko programme, Room 9 tamariki will be visiting the digital classroom at the Treaty Grounds in Waitangi on Wednesday 4
th and Thursday 5th December.


Photo Orders

Photos have now arrived. Thank you for your patience. Should you want to come and collect them from the office please do so. We are not keen on sending them home with children just in case they get damaged or lost however if you are ok for your child to do so please contact us and we will send them home. Any further queries re photos must be directed to them.


Year 7 Enrolments

Whānau are encouraged to complete enrolment forms for the Year 7 option they have chosen for their Year 6 child/children. 

Kaikohe Intermediate are appreciative to the whānau who have already returned their enrolment forms. 

Any children who have not yet returned a form to Kaikohe Intermediate brought a form home last Wednesday that needs to be completed and dropped off either here at our office or at the Kaikohe Intermediate School office.

We also have Ōkaihau College enrolment forms at the school office.


T Ball

T Ball today at Lindvart Park.

4.40pm Tball - Turf 1

East vs East Midgets


5.20pm Slow pitch S3

East vs Kura Year 8


Thursday - Touch

Round 1 - 4.00pm

U7 - KES 1 vs KES 2 6A

U9 - KES 4 vs Mini Crush 6B

U9 - KES 3 vs Str8nPure 5A

U11- KES 5 vs Kura Nanaki 4

U11 - KES 6 vs Bye 3


Round 2 - 4.25pm 

 U7 - KES 1 vs Str8nPure 6A

U9 - KES 3 vs West 5A

U9 - KES 4 vs Str8nPure 5B

U11- KES 6 vs Kura Nanakia 4

U11 - KES 5 vs Bye 3


Round 3 - 4.50pm 

 U7 - KES 2 vs Str8nPure 5A


Year 6 Camp notice

Reminder – please send your Year 6 child’s permission form back to school urgently. We need them by this Friday.

Year 5 will children remain at school with Whaea Lydia and Whaea Sandy.


Health Topics 2020

Term 1 Whānaungatanga : Who am I?

· Relationships with other people

Term 2 Manaakitanga : How we provide for others?

· Personal health, wellbeing and food safety

Term 3 Kotahitanga :Who is looking after me? 

· Personal growth and safety

Term 4 Rangatiratanga : How do we work together?

· Personal growth and identity

If any whānau have any feedback about our 2020 Health topics please contact us.


Kaikohekohe Games

On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th of December a group of children will be participating in the Kaikohekohe games held at Lindvart Park.


Board of Trustees

The Kaikohe East School Board will meet at the school at 11:30am on Monday 2 December.

Follow this link to the agenda and associated reports.