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Newsletter 201926 - 11 September 2019


A special welcome to the following new student and their whānau to our school:  Donna-Marei Rogers Herbert.

Teacher Only Days from July 2019-July 2022

The recently reviewed Principals' Collective announced now includes the ability for Primary Schools to plan for 8 Teacher Only Days over the next 3 years.  On Friday 18th October we will be taking our first of these 8 days and staff will be at a Maths course being held at Northland College.

Te Arahura Kāhui Ako Huihuinga

On Friday 20th September all local schools who are in the Te Arahura Kāhui Ako will be at Northland College for a huihuinga about the new achievement challenges about Ngāpuhitanga and the Language of Learning.  Kaikohe East will be closing at 12pm on this day, buses will be collecting children from about this time. Whānau please let us know what is happening to your child at this time if you haven’t already.  If you would prefer, a phone call is fine or talk to your child’s teacher. There will be no staff at the school from 12.30pm

School Photos

Our school photos will be on Thursday 26th September, last week of this term.  Children will be bringing home photo order forms today.  If you wish to have sibling photos (includes siblings not at our school), there is a separate order form and this is available at our school office.

Order forms and payment needs to be paid, paid online or exact amount in cash in an envelope, by Wednesday 26th September.  If you have any questions, please contact the office on 4011532 or Freephone 0508 KAIKOHE.

Cultural Festival

Well done to all the groups that performed today at our school dress rehearsal and thanks to all our whānau who came along to support.

On Thursday 19th September 2019 at Kaikohe Memorial Hall

Entry by koha. No food in hall or sold at our event.

Karakia at 9:30

M.C’s: Tegan Stillwell and Nia Kara (Year 13 Students Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe)



Kaikohe East School Middles Kapa Haka


Tautoro Middle Kapa Haka


Kaikohe East School Junior Kapa Haka


Hōreke Kapa Haka


Kaikohe East School Ukulele


Paihia School Kapa Haka 


Mangamuka School Kapa Haka


Kaikohe East School Juniors


Kaikohe West School Tuakana


Kaikohe East School Dance - Seniors


Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe Kapa Haka - Kauae Raro : Tau 1-2


Tautoro Junior Kapa Haka


Ōhaeawai Primary


Kaikohe East School Dance - Middles


Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe Kapa Haka - Kauae Raro: Tau 3-4


Tautoro Seniors


Ōhaeawai Ukulele


Kaikohe East School Seniors Kapa Haka


Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe Kapa Haka - Ārero: Tau 5-6


Kaikohe Christian School


Kaikohe Intermediate School


Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe - Āreroa: Tau 7-8

All proceeds will go towards travel and other related costs. Please note that the performances will be livestreamed on the day from Tautoko FM.  Any queries about any of the above please contact us.

Cyber Safety

Recently it has come to our attention that some tamariki are messaging on social media after school hours. Please be sure to talk with your children about cyber safety. We have become aware of some instances of messages being exchanged that are upsetting others as well as the sharing of personal information such as passwords and account information. Please help keep your children safe and monitor device use. Any concerns or queries, please call or come and see Whaea Chicky. 


Both teams played awesome games of basketball last night at Northland College. Our Kaikohe East 2 team losing by 1 point to MINUS and our Kaikohe East 1 team having an easy win over Tautoro. Well done. We will get the draw out to whānau as soon as we receive it.

Whakapakari Shield

This term our seniors have a chance to challenge Ōhaeawai for the Whakapakari shield on the 24th of September playing Soccer and Netball.  Teams will be made up mostly of Senior Syndicate classes.

Road Signs and Patrols

Special mention to all the tamariki and their whānau who have volunteered their time to train and work mornings and afternoons on patrol, awesome start so far:

Charlie Young, Tass Perry, Kymani Wira-Jones, Fern Edmonds

Sari Stillwell, Kaiyah Kire-Kaukau

Bernie Rurehe, Samuel Edmonds

Wakaroa Smith, R’Mahni Wilson-Astle, Eru Southorn-Bradley

Karamia Tanuvasa, Jahzaay Yukich, Vase-Leigh Tua-Taiapo, Ariana Andrews-Quinlan and Marcus Paraha.

We appreciate your mahi!  Your new coats are on order.


We are noticing a number of children that have nits/kutus and are really distracted in class at times because their heads are itchy.  Please whānau come and collect some kutu solution from the office and treat your child’s hair. Children may still come to school with kutus provided whānau are cleaning their hair regularly.

Renaming of the Pātaka kai cupboard

Room 15 went to tautoko the renaming of the Pātaka Kai cupboard.