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Newsletter 201924 - 28 August 2019


A special welcome to the following new children and their whānau to our school: Cortez Howard, Lilly Kennett, Jahwai Munu and Callayius Munu-Akarana.

Teacher Only Days from July 2019-July 2022

The recently reviewed Principals Collective announced now includes the ability for Primary Schools to plan for 8 Teacher Only Days over the next 3 years. On Friday 18th October we will be taking our first of these 8 days and staff will be at a Maths course being held at Northland College.

Te Arahura Kāhui Ako Huihuinga

On Friday 20th September school will be closing at 12pm, all staff will be off site from 12.30pm, please be sure we know what is happening for your child at 12pm on this day.

Tanga card winners

Congratulations to our Tanga card winners who will be getting a sausage roll and juicie delivered tomorrow for their lunch.


Mihi Clark

Ataahua Johnstone

Korau Tua


Aisha Tana


Kody Cassidy

Dylan Pattison

Kymani Kaiaruna


Nikau Johnson

Charlie Young

Wainui Peri

J’zahn Murray-Paraha

Nardia Stevens

Steven Adams Basketball

We had a group of tamariki travel to Whāngārei for the Steven Adams basketball camp last Saturday 24th of August. The morning involved workshops for 150 plus children who rotated and did basketball drills being taught by various basketball coaches throughout the north. It was a magical day for our tamariki who got to see, laugh and be defended at the goal by Steven Adams. Student voice: “wow he is really tall”, I was surprised how tall he was and at all the people there”, “ We got some cool stuff like Steven Adams Basketball and shirt. All thanks to Te Hau Ora Kaikohe and Taal Smith for giving our tamariki a rare opportunity and an awesome experience. 

Cultural Festival

The annual Cultural Festival has been planned to happen this term. There will be a few Kaikohe East School groups preparing to perform at this annual event which will be held at Kaikohe Memorial Hall at 9.30am on Thursday 19th September. All performing groups will be required to attend a dress rehearsal on Tuesday 17th September at 10am, no whānau can attend the dress rehearsal sorry.

A programme with approximate times on it has been shared and available at the school office. Entry on the performance day is by koha. All proceeds will go towards travel and other related costs. Please note that the performances will be livestreamed on the day from Tautoko FM. Any queries about any of the above please contact us.

Food for Life Hot Lunch Day Monday

Special thanks to The Warehouse Kaikohe for donating us 100 cups and to Chevy Wihongi and whānau for donating the other 50 we needed. Our Food for Life programme has progressed so well in lots of ways due to the awesome support we have received from our local community, ngā mihi nui ki a koutou!

Road signs and patrols

Special mention this week to the support and mahi by Grant Robertson FNDC and Matua Hoani for organising our new Patrol signs and monitors who are being trained to do road duty each morning and afternoon. Yesterday training began for the following children:
Charlie Young, Tass Perry, Kymani McCormack, Fern Edmonds

Sari Stillwell, Kaiyah Kire-Kaukau

Bernie Rurehe, Samuel Edmonds

Wakaroa Smith, R’Mahni Wilson-Astle, Eru Southorn-Bradley

Karamia Tanuvasa, Jahzaay Yukich, Vase-Leigh Tua-Taiapo, Ariana Andrews-Quinlan, Marcus Paraha, Ayla Cherrington, Teagan Stevens, Paige Wihongi-Cross, Kora-Lee Heremia, Adelaide Wharerau and Wainui Peri.


Awesome hockey season for all our tamariki. Our senior team were the closing day tournament kiwi A grade winners and also being the keenest team throughout the season. Our juniors were given the shining stars award. A big mihi to all our coaches and whānau support who turned up to awhi our teams!

Renaming of our Pātaka kai cupboard

We have been invited to be part of the renaming of our local pātaka kai cupboard. It will be held on Monday the 9th of September at our local library starting at 11.00am. We will be taking a group of children from Room 15 and Room 17 to participate in this event.


We have had some massive games being played at Northland College and can see talent growing every week. Both our teams played good games with winning outcomes last Monday evening.

Player of the day KES 1 = Vaughan Komene

Player of the day KES 2= Vase-Leigh Tau-Taiapo.

Thank you to our managers and coaches. Next week’s draw is still to come.

Any queries please contact Claire Edmonds 0211124091 (Teacher in charge).


We are noticing a number of children that have nits/kutus and are really distracted in class at times because their heads are itchy. Please whānau come and collect some kutu solution from the office and treat your child’s hair.