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Newsletter 201918 - 3 July 2019

Holidays Begin

This Friday 5th July is our last day of term before the holidays. School re opens on Monday 22nd July. For any queries don’t hesitate to contact us via our school Facebook page or by ringing Whaea Chicky on 0508 KAIKOHE (freephone)

Special thanks to Whānau

Special thanks to all our whānau who took the time to come and meet their child/children’s teacher/s on Monday. For whānau who were unable to attend reports will be coming home today with this newsletter.

Whānau hui attendee percentages:

Ngā Kākano – 68% 

Room 3 – 60%

Room 4 – 60%

Room 5 – 50%

Room 6 – 47%

Room 7 – 63%

Room 8 – 60%

Room 9 – 47%

Room 10 – 69%

Room 12 – 53%

Room 14 – 61%

Room 15 – 64 %

Room 16 – 43%

Room 17 – Whānau Hui postponed

Farewell and Thanks

At the end of this week we farewell and thank Whaea Pam and Mr Shaw. Next term Room 7 children will be going to other Middle Syndicate classes. Whaea Waiora and Whaea Stevie will be back this Friday to plan Term 3 with their classes. Whaea Waiora will be teaching a Year 1 and 2 class in Room 7 and Whaea Stevie will be returning to Tūmanako.

Kelly Tarlton’s

Special thanks to our staff and whānau who supported a successful event for our Junior Syndicate last week. The early morning start didn’t phase our 5 and 6 year olds, they were ready to roll by 6.15am. 

A special mention and thanks to New Era IT for their lanyard contribution. The lanyards meant that all our children could be easily identified. Special mention to our whānau that took the time to help on the day, we really appreciate that for many of you this meant a day off work. 

Here are some highlights from the day.

Room 3

I like the penguins” Mykz

“A shark was in Kelly Tarlton's in the tunnel area. It had sharp teeth.” Legion

“We went to Kelly Tarlton's I saw some penguins and the penguins were eating the fish and the penguin was fluffy.” Aryana

“Wewent toKelly Tarltons I liked the lobster because it was looking at the fish and it was orange.” Sarah

“At Kelly Tarlton's I saw a seahorse and it was beautiful and it was swimming in the seaweed.” Miah

“I liked looking at the sharks and the divers. I went around 5 times.” Jaxon's voice

Room 4

“I like the stingrays, it kept following me.” Te Koha

"I loved colouring the fish and seeing it come on the screen" Nika

"The underwater tunnel was the best because you could see the animals" Alexi

"I liked the classroom and getting to hold the turtle egg" Lennox

"Seeing the octopus in the shell protecting its eggs" Alec

Poutama and Room 10

Next term Whaea Ali will be teaching in Poutama. Mrs Shields will be teaching in Room 10 with Whaea Joy for Whaea Ali. In Term 4 we are expecting Whaea Lydia to be back in Poutama and Whaea Ali will return to Room 10.

Organisation for Term 3

The new class organisation started Tuesday, this week.

The Room 7 class will move to their new classes within the Middle Syndicate and some Year 1 and 2’s will move into Room 7 with Whaea Pam until Thursday and then Whaea Waiora returns on Friday.


Hockey has finished for Term 2, NO HOCKEY this Saturday.

Hockey will return next term, Saturday 27th July.

Matariki Celebrations

Thanks to all our classes for their wonderful creations and contributions to our Matariki Art currently in the hall. If whānau haven’t seen the displays tomorrow is the last day most of the work will be on display.


The last playing day for Future Ferns Netball is this Saturday 6th July, there will be a tournament starting at 8.45 – 10.20am followed by Prize giving upstairs.

Congratulations to the following Players of the day for last Saturday – Shelby Broomfield-Hori, Dennis Perry

Kiorahi in Taipa

Congratulations to our team who played yesterday. Three wins and one loss. A great effort.