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Newsletter 201909 - 10 April 2019


Welcome to our new tamariki and their whānau. Caylee Moon and Ricardo Tarawa.

Huihuinga Term 3

Schools (including Kaikohe East) will be closing early for a Te Arahura Huihuinga to be held on 16 August - Week 4 Term 3 (back up date 23 August - Week 5)

At this hui we will share our collective schools new achievement challenges and our direction going forward.

NZEI Dates

Teachers will be attending paid union meetings in Week Two, Term Two (May 6-10) to talk about next steps and vote on appropriate action. The exact date for our teachers is

Nukes Ukes

Last week our children were involved and participated in the Nukes Ukes programme. Next term we will be having ukulele lessons with Matua Brent.


We will be sending home information this week with teams and registration details. Thank you to those whānau who have volunteered to help, it is very much appreciated. More details in Term 2. Netball starts Saturday 4th May.


We are currently in the process of organising teams. We have had a HUGE amount of interest for hockey, however not many people able to help with coaching. We have 3 of our teachers from school who will be running teams, but we would really appreciate more help.

Whānau Hui Day

On Monday 1st July school will be closing at 12.30pm. Teachers will be available from then onwards to meet with whānau to discuss their child/children’s progress and achievement so far this term. Early next term whānau will be sent home a form to indicate a time they would like to come to meet teacher/s.

Maternity Leave

Whaea Stevie will be on leave from 13th of May and will return 5th of July 2019. Whaea Lydia’s leave will be from 17th of May 2019 and will return 27th of September 2019 as maternity leave. Mr Shaw will be in Tūmanako while Whaea Stevie is away and we are still confirming arrangements for Poutama, it may include boys being put into a Senior or Middle Syndicate class, with a small group being taught by a combination of Whaea Kaz, Whaea Chicky and Matua Syd.

Whānau will be contacted once details are confirmed.

Weetbix Tryathlon

Special thanks to our staff who have supported our Athletes and prepared them again for this event

Congratulations to all athletes who participated, we are so proud of you!


This Friday school finishes for the school holidays. School will resume on Monday 29th April.

Transition Days

Our Year 6 children will be visiting Kaikohe Intermediate School for Transition in Term 2 on Wednesday June 12th and in Term 3 –on Wednesday 21st August.

Children will be expected to wear their uniform on both their days and will be travelling by bus leaving at about 9am and returning at 12.30pm.