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Newsletter 201839 - 5 December 2019

Early finish Friday 14th December

Due to the number of teachers having to move furniture and change classroom spaces for next year school will be closing on the last day, Friday 14th December at 12pm. whānau can choose to either keep their tamariki home on that day or send them but know that at 12pm all children will leave the school. Buses will run early on this day too.

Zoo Trip

This morning most children from Tūmanako, Room 16 and Room 15 headed off to Auckland Zoo. Please be sure to be at school to collect your child/children from the bus tonight anytime between 8.30 and 9pm. Feel free to contact Whaea Chicky for an update after about 7pm on 0508 5245643 or send us a message on our school facebook page.


Tomorrow, Thursday 6th December, the middle syndicate are celebrating the end of their year together with a rotation of fun activities, including a swim, bike riding, an outdoor game, indoor activities, and hamburger making and eating.  Can you please remind your child/children in Rangimārie, Rooms 7, 8, 9 and 14 to bring their swimming gear and a hat for wearing outside.


2019 Class Options

Please be sure to have completed your comments re the 2019 options. Also ensure that if your child is enrolling at Kaikohe Intermediate for 2019 that you complete the enrolment form sent home last week with all Year 6 children. If you need another form call into either our office or the office at Kaikohe Intermediate School or phone them on 09 4011667.

KES Has Talent Show!C:\Users\Kohi Woodman\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\EPYZANE7\two_microphones_duets[1].png

Talent Show auditions were held last week and children selected to be in the finals to be held in conjunction with our Final Assembly for 2018 on Friday 7th December, from 11.35am-1pm in the School Hall. All welcome!


Whaea Lydia needs to hear from children interested in participating in the 2019 TRYathlon to be held in Waitangi on Sunday the 7th April 2019. Any children (7 years and older) that are able to participate are to get their form completed and sent back to the office please as soon as possible as there is a limit to 20 participants from our school. The fee to participate will be covered by the school but whānau must be available to transport their child and gear to and from the event.


Year 6 Leavers celebration

Teachers and Year 5 children will be busy organising for a Year 6 Leavers celebration to be held at our school hall on Wednesday 12th December from 1pm. We will need Year 5 helpers on this day, these children will be advised of what they need to do by Whaea Stevie before Wednesday.

School Photos

We still have some photos to be collected from the school office.

Education Support in Kaikohe

Last night Whaea Chicky attended this hui. There was a lot of good kōrero about the current and future of education in Kaikohe. One of the great outcomes was that is it not all doom and gloom and there are in every school in our town and outlying areas some awesome opportunities happening. The wrap up of the meeting concluded that a working party be organised to co-ordinate where to next.

Any further questions please feel free to contact Rachel Velden on 4011180.

End of Year Reports

All children who have been at school for more than 6 weeks will be given an end of year school report to bring home on Wednesday 12th December. Just a heads up to whānau, while we try extremely hard to ensure that reports come home error free and are clear to read sometimes we fail therefore do not hesitate to come and talk to us if there is something that may be an error or that you need clarification on.

T Ball and Touch

There is T Ball today, 4pm at Lindvart Park. Touch again tomorrow. 4pm at Lindvart Park. There is a prize-giving also after touch tomorrow.

Classes for 2019 - transition

Staff have now completed class lists for 2019 and are planning to hold a Transition morning for all children next Wednesday 12th from 9-11am. Children will have the opportunity to meet their teacher for 2019 and find out who the other children are in their class, become familiar with their new space and have opportunity for some whakawhānaungatanga. Unfortunately two new staff members who will be in Room 14 and 16 won’t be here but these classes will still have opportunity to do something together with another staff member for this time. Groups of 2-3 Year 6 children will be assigned to each class to help out on this morning.

Kaikohe East School Board

The Kaikohe East School Board met today Wednesday 5 December. Go to the school website www.kaikeast.school.nz 

for the agenda and associated reports.

Term 1 – 2019

School re opens on Thursday 7th February, 2019. The school office will be open a couple of weeks prior to this date for enrolments and uniform purchases. Please also don’t hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or by phoning Whaea Chicky at home on 09 4012186 or free phone 0508 5245643.