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Newsletter 201834 - 31 October 2018

All the best Miss Mason!C:\Users\Kohi Woodman\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\1Y6Z1LF1\Stork[1].gif

On Friday the 9th of November we farewell Miss Mason who is taking maternity leave, we wish her all the best! As from Monday 12th November Matua Jim will be teaching in Room 12 and Whaea Huia will remain in Room 16 until the end of the term.


Congratulations to the following new and existing teachers who have been appointed to teaching positions commencing in 2019!

Whaea Alison Davis and Whaea Liz Atkinson have been appointed to permanent positions

Whaea Tyme Rata has been appointed to a one year fixed term position.

Welcome to new staff member Sandy Lediard who is an experienced teacher who is currently teaching at Carlton School in Whanganui.

Zoo Trip

On Wednesday 5th December all Room 15,16 and 17 Year 5s and 6s will be visiting Auckland Zoo. Please note the buses will be leaving early on this day (about 7am) and returning after 7pm. More information will come for this day trip soon.

KES has talent show!C:\Users\Kohi Woodman\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\WSC5JXKT\microphone[1].jpg

If your child has a special talent to share, then this is their big opportunity! All interested tamariki are now being asked to prepare and practise their item for the 2018 Kaikohe East Talent Show. It can be a solo, or group act. Auditions will take place in the week of the 19th of November. The Talent show will be held in conjunction with our Final Assembly for 2018 on Friday 7th December, probably from 11.30am-1pm in the School Hall. Times will be confirmed at a later date. All welcome!

Year 6 Leavers celebration

Teachers and Year 5 children will be busy organising for a Year 6 Leavers dinner to be held at our school hall on the evening of Wednesday 12th December. More details about this will come later.


We have been notified by Photolife that our school photos will be with us for distributing by the 14th November.

We prefer that an adult collect photos so if you have ordered photos please call into the office.

Ākau - Poutama

We have had a very special piece of art work to display in our school office recently. The Art Work was created with the help of Ākau, some of our Poutama boys and other students from local schools.

Planned Strike Day

On Tuesday 13th November Primary schools in Tai Tokerau will be closed as teachers take direct action.

Why will we strike?

  • More teachers – so your kids can get more attention

  • More resources/staff to support children with additional learning needs

  • A pay jolt to salaries for teachers to address the teacher shortage – so that your children will have a teacher in the future.

Swimming Starting

Reminding Whānau that we start swimming on Monday 5th November. On Monday 22nd November we have special Swimsafe lessons happening for all classes at the school pool. Children will need named togs and towel in a bag for their class swimming days.

End of Year Reports

All children who have been at school for more than 6 weeks will be given an end of year school report to bring home on Wednesday 12th December.

T Ball

There is T Ball today (Wednesday 31 October), 4pm at Lindvart Park. Children will be getting ready at school and then heading over ready to play by 4pm with their coaches and gear.


Touch again tomorrow (Thursday 1 Nov). 4pm and Lindvart Park. Children will be meeting their coaches after school, getting ready and then heading over to Lindvart Park by 4pm. Whānau are welcomed to come along and tautoko. We are yet to receive a draw for this week, here are the age groups and their respective coaches.

Under 7’s KES1 – Whaea Kohi

Under 9’s KES2 – Whaea Tyme

Under 11’s KES3 – Whaea Aki

Under 11’s KES4 – Whaea Pam /Whaea Claire

Tūmanako – Volunteer Student Army

We have been given $500 worth of plants by Dairy NZ to plant at a local dairy farm to help keep our waterways clean. We have selected Northland College Farm as it is close to us and we share the waterways with them. 

We will spend Friday morning at the Farm planting the trees. If anyone is interested in coming along to help, please let Whaea Stevie know. A permission slip will be coming home tonight too. 

$5 Duffy Book offer - Duffy Summer Reading

$5 Parent Offer! An order form is being sent home today. Please send orders back to school by Friday 16th November. Book Orders arrive back at school at the beginning of December in time for the Christmas Holidays.