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Newsletter 201820 - 27 June 2018

Mid Year Reports home

Next week is the last week for Term 2 and we will be holding Whānau Hui on Monday 2 July and Tuesday 3 July. Your confirmed time to come to your whānau hui with your child is included with today’s newsletter. Teachers will discuss with you your child’s report, highlighting the progress they have made, what their next steps are and will be able to share any other information with you including your child’s work.

We would like all whānau to make this time a priority, come along and listen to the great mahi your child is doing and how we can help them to be even better.

Even if you haven’t made a time we are giving you one so please show up! Any questions please ask.

And please remember that we try hard to make sure reports come home 100% correct. If for some reason we have overlooked something please let us know.

A REMINDER: school finishes at 12pm on Tuesday so please let us know what is happening to your child at this time if you haven’t already. Complete the attached notice and let us know if you haven’t already.

Matariki Celebration

On Thursday 5 July we are planning to have a school Matariki Celebration day. All classes will be doing activities during the day and will have a free hāngi lunch. Whānau are welcome to come and join us! Each class will have about 5 extra hāngi to share between whānau that are able to attend.

Here is a general outline for the day!

8.55am – Karakia / Hīmene in the school hall, whānau free to spend time in classrooms

11.30-1pm All Syndicates doing a rotation of activities

1pm – Hāngi Lunch (one per child) delivered to classrooms

Fire Brigade Sports Day this Thursday

Weather permitting Fire Brigade Sports will be held at Lindvart Park/Kaikohe Rugby grounds. All games will start at around 10am and finish about 2pm. All Year 5 and 6’s are in one of our school teams playing either Hockey, Netball, Rippa Rugby or Soccer.C:\Users\Kohi Woodman\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\EPYZANE7\sportsBallMontage[1].gif

All children participating will need to wear appropriate footwear, bring lunch, drink and a warm jacket. Uniforms will be issued on the morning of the games. If the weather is unsuitable games will be played next Wednesday 4 July. Check out our Facebook page or ring the school at 8am if you are unsure of whether the sports will be on or not.


Hockey this weekend for all teams, please meet your respective team coaches at the turf with the appropriate gear at the following times: Whaea Kohi 8.45am, Whaea Waiora & Whaea Michelle 9.30am and Whaea Claire at 10.30am.

Players of the day for Saturday 23 June were:

Nikau Johnson for being unstoppable and scoring so many goals.

Sam Edmonds and Gareth Wira Jones for great attacking skills and team work, both Year 3 and 4 players moved up to play in the Year 5 and 6 grade.

Lighting the Way Health Expo

Congratulations to Room 8 who won the Lighting the Way poster competition. The class were presented with a $100 Warehouse voucher and a certificate for their efforts.


Could all Netball players please meet at Lindvart Park on Saturday by 8.30am ready to warm up on court for their 9am game. Be sure to bring a bag to put your clothes in, a water bottle and shoes to play in.

Players of the Day for Saturday 23 June were:

Keziah Henry for an excellent effort.

The last playing Saturday for Netball is next week 7 July, there will be a prize giving upstairs after all games at 10am.

League on Wednesdays

There is League this afternoon at Lindvart Park from 3.45 until 5pm. The last day for league will be next Wednesday 4 July.

School Lunches

This Thursday our lunch menu will be soup $1, Pies $2, juicies $1 and on Friday Pies $2 and juicies $1. Orders will be taken in the school office before school.

School Hats / Jojo Bows

We are lucky enough to have school caps and school beanies for sale - $8, available at the school office. Our Jojo bows have sold out, but we have more on the way! $3 each.

Reminder, we do not have eftpos so please pay by cash or talk to us about automatic payments online.

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