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Newsletter 201812 - 2 May 2018


Welcome to our newly appointed Teacher Aides Katerina Hepi and Ngahuia Banks.

Welcome also to our new tamariki and their whānau; Te Kotahitanga Butler and Karamia and Ammoron Tanuvasa.

Whānau Survey 2018

During the holidays teachers looked closely at the collated Whānau Survey comments. We have decided that the best way to share information is via the school newsletter each week. We were very pleased and appreciated reading positive comments whānau wrote like:

  • “We like the school uniform and the good mix of pakeha/maori teaching staff, good to have male teacher aides”

  • “Organised, friendly and approachable staff”

We want to show whānau that we have thought about your ideas in terms of improvements we can make. So this week we are replying (in blue) to comments on the following from Whānau to share what we do and what we can do about the query shared.

Whānau Query: “We want to know more about what discipline is used for bullying at Kura?”

Our response:

We are pleased to hear from whānau about bullying issues and we definitely try our best to follow up on each incident. We have a place that teachers can record all incidents. If teachers haven’t already indicated what they have done to follow up Whaea Chicky then follows up and records the outcome. Each incident is dealt with differently, sometimes whānau are called particularly if the incident has occurred previously, sometimes the Social Worker is involved, sometimes the children themselves come up with the best outcome. We try to take any opportunity to talk and share about what to do if children are being bullied and we also try to find ways of sharing strategies for children being bullied. Yesterday we had a powerful performance by the Duffy theatre that showed children how to deal with people that are bullying them.

Next week I will share some more!


The Parade will start at about 10.30am on the turf if it is fine or in the hall if wet. Mrs Maihi our school librarian will be judging and presenting prizes for:

- The best dressed child (one per Syndicate)

- The best overall classroom

We are looking forward to having some fun, whānau are welcome to come and join us! Morning tea will follow the parade so feel free to bring a kai to share with your tamariki.

Lockdown and Fire Evacuation Practise

This week we had trial lockdown and fire evacuation practises to be sure our staff and tamariki know what to do in a real emergency.

Education Review Office Visit

We look forward to the Education Review Office (ERO) visiting our school after the Queen’s Birthday weekend. A team of 2 or 3 reviewers will be welcomed to our school on Tuesday 5 June and are likely to be in our school for the week. The reviewers will be in classrooms, talking with children, staff and whānau, looking at children’s work, teachers planning, school policy and programmes. We are looking forward to sharing what we do with the reviewers.

School Lunches

This term we will be continuing most Thursdays and Fridays with selling juicies/sausage sizzles and pies. This week only on Thursday and Friday we will be selling just pies. Next week we will return to Sausage Sizzles on Thursdays and Pies on Friday. All $2 each, juicies $1 each.

Hockey Starts

The hockey season starts this Saturday 5 May with an opening tournament.

Can Whaea Kohi’s team please meet her at the turf at 8.30am, Whaea Michelle and Whaea Waiora’s at 9.30am and Whaea Claire’s team at 10.30am.

Please remember to bring appropriate footwear and mouthguards. No mouthguard no play!

Any queries get in touch with your child’s coach.

Fees will be paid by the school.

League on Wednesdays

League starts Wednesday 9 May. We need coaches. Let us know if you are interested.

Netball Starts

The Netball season will begin this Saturday 5 May.

Our coaches this season are: Whaea Tyme, Matua James and Mrs Stillwell

All players need to be at Lindvart Park every Saturday by 8am, they need to meet their coach, and change into their uniform. Games start at 8.30am.

Players must have short fingernails, wear sport shoes, bring water and a bag for their gear. Fees will be paid by the school, whānau please come along and support our teams!

Room 1 & 2 Class Trip

On Friday the 8th of June Rooms 1 & 2 will be travelling by bus to Kerikeri to see the Matariki show "Heaven and Earth" at the Turner Centre, Heaven and Earth-Rangi and Papa explores the Seven Sisters and story of Matariki, with over 25 magical glow-in-the-dark puppets. We will be sending out more information and asking for some whānau help closer to the time

School Finishing Early

On Friday 11 May our school will be closing at 12pm. All school buses will run early from 12pm on this day. Alternatively let your teacher know now what will happen to your child/children on this day and give them your best contact phone number for the day. We will send an additional notice home soon to ensure all whānau know this is happening and we know what is happening to your child/children on this day.

Dental Fluoride

Fluoride varnish is a temporary protective coating that is painted on your child’s teeth. Currently, fluoride varnish is applied every year by our dental team. Your school is part of a pilot project in which the Northland District Health Board Oral Health Service is applying fluoride varnish every six months as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Eligible children in years 1-3 will receive the fluoride varnish on 8 and 9 May.