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Newsletter 201808 - 21 March 2018


This week we would like to welcome the following students, and their whānau, to our school: Danielle McComack and Tapua Rountree.

Whānau Survey 2018

Last Friday an online Whānau Survey was put on our KES Facebook page to get some idea from whānau about how we are doing as a school, what ideas whānau have about their child’s learning, the way we report about your child’s learning and other questions that will help us get better at our jobs and make our school an even better place for your child/children.

Please go here to complete the survey online OR come into the school and fill one out and we will input your responses online.

Writing and Maths groups

This week most teachers have started teaching Writing and Maths to two groups of children in their class twice per day. If your child is in one of these groups getting additional teacher time they will be bringing home a letter today. Any questions about these “target groups” please talk to your child’s teacher on Friday or call in and see them.


This Friday 23rd March from 11.30am

Whānau are welcome to come into school from 11.30 until 3pm. During this time you might like to

- Go and have a look around your child/children’s classroom and look at their work

- Participate in any activities going on

- Buy some of the things the children have for sale

- Come and make yourself a cuppa in the staffroom

- Come and talk to Whaea Chicky

- Have lunch with us from 1-2pm

- Tell us about how you can support our children

All children will be released from their classrooms to be in the playground from 1 until about 2.30pm. At 2.3opm a bell will ring and children will return to their rooms and help tidy up.


Purchase your $1 tickets from the office as from today. All stalls that cost will only take tickets, no cash. There will be some “free activities” for children also. See the table below.


Raffles can be purchased in the school office - $1 per ticket, drawn at the end of the day if all sold.


Cost etc

Outside Room 1 and 2

Jelly cups for $1 each

In Room 3 and 4

Free Easter activities with prizes for great children

Outside Room 5 and 6

Sausage Sizzle $2 each

Room 7

Toffee Apples $1

Lolly Jar 2xguesses $1

Arts and Crafts

Room 8 by swimming pool

Coconut and toy shy $2

Meet in Room 9 for instructions

Scavenger hunt $1


Free Gumboot throw, basketball throw and hoopla

Prizes for great participation

Outside Room 14/16

Free 3 legged race, sack race, golf ball and spoon racing

Prizes for great participation

Room 15

Free Bingo in R15, win prizes for great participation

Drinks $1 each

Room 17 – outside Whaea Chicky’s office

Cupcakes $1

Photo Booth

Free to email $1 printed on card


Hāngi for sale from the school office

$5 pack – chicken, potato, stuffing

$8 pack – chicken, beef, pork, potato, kumara, pumpkin, cabbage and stuffing

We hope whānau come along and support our stalls and get involved in our day.


A reminder that we have school lunches every Thursday – sausage sizzle $2 and juicies $1 and Friday is pie day – pies $2, juicies $1

Sausage sizzle orders are taken in classrooms and Pie orders in the hall. Any late orders in the office!


Due to the number of children that are presenting with sores please read this online information about Impetigo - School sores.

Bus Bay

All whānau are reminded that the bus bay must be kept clear at ALL times from 2.45pm until 3.45pm please. Do not use this as a stop or pick up place for children.

School Finishing Early

On Friday May 11th our school will be closing at 12pm to allow all staff to attend planned professional development at Northland College. All school buses will run early from 12pm on this day. Alternatively let your teacher know now what will happen to your child/children on this day and give them your best contact phone number for the day. We will send an additional notice home soon to ensure all whānau know this is happening and we know what is happening to your child/children on this day.

Cleaning Contract Tender

The contract for cleaning of the school is currently up for tender and is being advertised on the school face book page. Alternatively come in and collect information from the school office and visit the school to be sure you know what you’re in for.

Swimming Caps for sale

Swimming caps are available for sale from the school office - $3.50.