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Newsletter 201725 - 16 August 2017


This week we would like to welcome the following children their whanau to our school: Danika Tana and Sarah Edmonds.

Children in the Staff Carpark

All children have been reminded that they are not to walk through the carpark.  If they are going to Room 10 they are to enter the school at Mangakahia Road pedestrian crossing gate or at the gate by the bus bay.  To get to Room 10 children have been told to use the gate by Room 12 and then by the lemon tree.  Whanau are reminded that if you are dropping children off to do so in the morning by the bus bay not the staff car park please.

School Cross Country

Our school cross country will be held tomorrow, Thursday 17th August, at Lindvart Park. We encourage all tamariki to participate and have a go. We will be sending the 5 and 6 year olds off at 9.30 am. The 7 and 8 year olds will be after them at approximately 10.15 am. The 9, 10 and 11 year olds will start at 11.30 am. All runners will have a sausage and ice block after their run. A change of clothes would be helpful as it could be muddy. Come along and support our amazing tamariki on the day! Hope to see you there.


This year we are introducing a new reward system to replace our pink Caught Being Good Cards. We now have ‘TANGA’ cards that reflect the culture and values of our school. Children can earn these and they are then posted into a barrel to be drawn at assembly every fortnight. There are prizes for each name drawn out and end of term prizes for the most cards in a class. Each child has also been given a scrapbook to keep all their Tanga cards in so they can share their achievements with whanau and friends.

There are four different colour cards and they are:

Manaakitanga (for supporting and showing kindness to others)

Rangatiratanga (for showing leadership and decision making skills)

Kotahitanga (for working for the good of our class and school)

Whanaungatanga (for sharing and working with others)

Room 5’s Rongoa

Room 5 made rongoa out of Kawakawa leaves. They are learning about natural Maori medicines. They made a spray out of steeped oil and a balm with the crushed leaves. The children designed labels for their bottles and boxes.

Sore Throats - antibiotics

This week we were reminded by our Hauora Kaikohe Kaimahi that it is ok for a child who has been put on antibiotics for Strep Throat to attend school while on antibiotics.

A reminder also that our Nurses are at school to swab sore throats every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 11.30am.  Feel free to ring us to add your child to the list for checking on any day.


All students will need to meet Whaea Claire again this Saturday at Lindvart Park pavilion by 11.45am to get ready.

From the School Counci

At our meeting last term the school councillors looked at providing a cheaper jacket option following responses from Whanau.  They looked at many options, we washed and dried samples and have decided to go with what we thing is the best option.  

These hoodies are available now. They are $30 each and will come in a variety of sizes.  Call into the office, remember we do not have eftpos.

The manufacturers have said that they do not recommend them being dried in a dryer.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is a temporary protective coating that is painted on your child’s teeth. It is quick and easy to apply and does not have a bad taste.

Currently, fluoride varnish is applied every year by our dental team as part of our normal treatment to prevent decay. Our school is part of a pilot project in which we are applying fluoride varnish every six months as recommended by Ministry of Health.   Eligible children in years 1-3 will receive the fluoride varnish on 23 and 24 August.

Kaikohe East School Board of Trustees

The Kaikohe East School Board will meet on Wednesday 20th September at 1.30pm.  Go to the school website

www.kaikeast.school.nz for the agenda and associated reports.

SWIS – Whaea Lucy

A reminder that every Wednesday and Thursday we have our School Social Worker here at our school.  Whaea Lucy is available to talk with tamariki and or their whanau who may need support.

Don Edmonds,
17 Aug 2017, 00:53