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Newsletter 201714 - 17 May 2017


This week we would like to welcome the following children their whanau to our school: Caine Morgan-French and Shonny Tohu.

Crossing the road

All pedestrian crossings are supervised by a staff member every day for about 10-15 minutes at the beginning and at the end of the day.  Lately Mrs Maihi who supervises the crossing on Broadway has been concerned by a few children who are not crossing where they should and are putting their lives at risk.  Whanau of these children have been contacted but it is important please for all whanau to remind their tamariki about why they should use the pedestrian crossings please.

Whanau Hui

During Term 2 teachers will be preparing midterm reports for all children. There will be an opportunity for whanau to come in and meet with teachers on Tuesday 27th June to discuss their child’s progress and report. School will close at 1pm on this day however buses will run as normal.  Bus children and any other children with no alternative supervision at home will stay and be supervised at school until 3pm on this day.  A letter was sent home last week asking whanau to select a time to come in and to let us know what is happening on this day for your child at 1pm.  There are spare forms available at the school office but we will also send them home again next week.

Upcoming Junior Trip

On the 13th and 14th of June the Junior classes will be taking a trip to Aroha Island.   Two classes will be attending on the Tuesday and the other classes will be going on the Wednesday. The trip ties into our Inquiry topic for the term Kaitiakitanga.  The children involved will bring a newsletter home closer to the date once details have been finalized.

No food on buses

Bus drivers are requesting there be no eating on school buses due to children leaving rubbish in the bus or throwing rubbish out windows while the bus is moving.

Rugby League

We have been informed that kids must wear shoes when playing rugby league (sneakers or boots with plastic sprigs). If children do not have footwear they cannot take the field. If your child does not own a pair of shoes please see the office. Please make sure your child is wearing a pair of shorts, preferably black.

Whanau MUST be able to pick up their child or organise for someone else to do so on the day please coaches cannot let children leave the field without an adult. Could all players meet their coach at Lindvart Park at 3:45pm every Wednesday please. Children will be provided with water, fruit, uniform and a mouth guard.  Whanau are welcome to come and support their tamariki and our kura.

A Free Course for Whanau

The Solomon Group are offering a free course for whanau called Intergenerational Education. The course will not only help you meet your WINZ commitments but allow you to gain skills to succeed.  For further information please phone 0800 747687 or call into the school office for a leaflet with full information.


Please be vigilant in checking your children’s hair on a regular basis for kutus.  We still provide kutu combs and solution thanks to Kids Can.

Kaikohe East School Board

The Kaikohe East School Board will meet at the school at 1:30pm on Thursday 1st June, 2017.

Go to the school website www.kaikeast.school.nz  for the agenda and associated reports.

SWIS – Whaea Lucy

A reminder that every Wednesday and Thursday we have our School Social Worker here at our school.  Whaea Lucy is available to talk with tamariki and or their whanau who may need support.

Alb’s Kai Cart Menu

Here is Term 2’s lunch menu;

Moosie/Juicie        $1

Toastie                   $2

(cheese, baked beans, spaghetti)

Ice-cream Sundae  $2

Hotdog                    $2

Orders are taken in the hall by Whaea Crystal from 8.30am.

Myrtle Rust

Coming home with children today is an information pamphlet for a fungus “Myrtle Rust” that can destroy our native & feijoa trees that has recently been found in New Zealand, DO NOT TOUCH or DISTURB THE PLANT.  Call 0800 80 99 66.

Public Health Nurse

Bev Johnston and Claire Forrest are the Public Health Nurses working with Kaikohe East School.  One of us will visit the school weekly, this is generally on a Thursday.  We are available to support with health related issues, these include:-

Skin infection assess and treatment,  opportunistic throat swabs, referral to other health Professionals, hearing and vision follow up.  Please feel free to contact us or leave a message with school if you would like us to see your child.

Children’s Readers

Could whanau please check their homes and if they find any school readers please send them back to school. For every book returned your child will receive a “tanga” card.

Don Edmonds,
17 May 2017, 13:07