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Newsletter 201708 - 22 March 2017

Tanga cards

This year we are introducing a new reward system to replace our pink Caught Being Good Cards. We now have ‘TANGA’ cards that reflect the culture and values of our school. Children can earn these and they are then posted into a barrel to be drawn at assembly every fortnight. There are prizes for each name drawn out and end of term prizes for the most cards in a class. Each child has also been given a scrapbook to keep all their Tanga cards in so they can share their achievements with whanau and friends.

There are four different colour cards and they are:

Manaakitanga (for supporting and showing kindness to others)

Rangatiratanga (for showing leadership and decision making skills)

Kotahitanga (for working for the good of our class and school)

Whanaungatanga (for sharing and working with others)

It would be great if whanau could talk to children about ‘TANGA” cards too and help them to remember what they are all about

No parking in Bus Bay

Whanau are reminded that the bus bay by the sandpit is not for cars, only buses.  Please do not park in the school bus bay.

Public Health Nurse

Bev Johnston and Claire Forrest are the Public Health Nurses working with Kaikohe East School.  One of us will visit the school weekly, this is generally on a Thursday.  We are available to support with health related issues, these include: Skin infection assess and treatment, opportunistic throat swabs, referral to other health Professionals, hearing and vision follow up.  Please feel free to contact us or leave a message with school if you would like us to see your child.

Nga Mihi

Bev and Claire

Netball – Year 3 and 4 Coach needed!

All Year 5 and 6 children interested in playing Saturday Netball this year, please see Whaea Lainie and keep an eye out for practices in the daybook.

We are also looking for a Year 3 and 4 Netball coach, if there is a whanau member able and willing to coach a team please let us know.

No whips at school

Whanau are asked to remind their children not to bring whips to school or they will be confiscated. Whips that children are making are potentially dangerous and are not permitted in the school grounds.

Trip to a Dairy Farm

Last week with the Mayor John Carter we had a representative from Fonterra Milk and a local farmer whose farm milk contributes to our school milk deliveries.  The farmer (Suzanne) invited our classes to her farm to see “calving and milking in action.” Classes so far who have indicated they would like to visit Suzanne’s farm at Ohaeawai soon are: Rooms 1 and 2, 3, Manawanui, Whaea Kelli’s Maths Up class and Room 8.

All classes visiting the farm will bring home a separate letter with details about the trip with next Wednesday’s newsletter.

Classes will travel by bus and whanau who may be able to help on the trip will be contacted by teachers. There is no cost for the trip as it is and will be part of the class learning programmes.

Year 6 Transition – this Friday

This Friday 24th March our Year 6 tamariki will be going up to Kaikohe Intermediate School from 9.30-12.30pm for transition.  They will be involved in activities during the day that will give them some idea about what it might be like to attend Kaikohe Intermediate School in 2018.

Whanau are welcome to attend too.

Ukulele Lessons

Lessons have been going well for the last few weeks however due to lack of interest by a few children in the groups there may be some children that will be leaving their ukulele groups after next week’s lesson. Lessons for all groups will continue into Term 2 and the “show” by all groups will happen later in Term 2 at a school assembly, details later.


This week we are reminding children not to walk through the school carpark or down by the caretakers shed when entering or leaving school.  Children should only use the gate up by Mangakahia Road or Purdy Street.

Caretaker’s position

The school caretaking position has recently been advertised in the Northern News.  Application details are available from the school office. Applications close 24th March and should be emailed to the office admin@kaikeast.school.nz

Wig Day/Whacky Hair Day

Wig Day Wednesday is 21 June.  On this day children are encouraged to either wear a wig or create a whacky hair do, bring a donation of a gold coin that will be collected and given to the Child Cancer foundation.

Don Edmonds,
22 Mar 2017, 16:04