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Newsletter 201706 - 8 March 2017


This week we would like to welcome the following children and their whanau to our school: Misstee and Marlee Walker, Dylan Pattison, Peneha Hamiora-Hoori, Quayshana Baker-Mau, Bobbie Kopa, Zion Kire, David and Ezekiahl Brown.

School Council 2017

Here are our school councillors wearing the highlighter jackets kindly donated by Fonterra who supply us with school milk.

Whanau Hui

All whanau are invited to come along to school on Tuesday 14th March to meet with their child’s class teacher.  Whanau can choose which time they would like to attend a session from the following times: The first session will be at 3.30pm, the second at 4pm, the third at 4.30pm and the final session at 5pm.

Whaea Kelli will also be available to talk with whanau who have children in her Maths class.

Please come along to hear about what is happening in your child’s class, discuss ideas with the teacher about helping your child at home and take a look at the work to date your child has completed.

If you have any queries please contact us.  All whanau who attend will go into a draw to win one new school polo shirt and school jacket.


Whanau are reminded that the correct way to deal with any issues is to please come and see your child’s teacher in the first instance.  If after that and you need further assistance please come and see Whaea Chicky, it is not ok for whanau to come into the school and threaten children or try to sort things out.

This is the “official statement about making a complaint or have concerns”

If you have concerns or complaints that you wish to discuss, contact the office and make an appointment to meet the principal, or see your child’s teacher in the first instance.

If you consider that your concerns are not being addressed, a complaint should be made, in writing, to the chairperson of the board of trustees:

The Chairperson

Kaikohe East Board

36 Mangakahia Road

Kaikohe 0405


School Role Models

Room 1 - Kowhai

Room 2 - Isaiah

Room 3 - Corrin

Room 4 - Stephen

Room 5 - Huatahi

Room 6 - Blake

Manawanui - Te Whiti

Room 8 - Rachel

Rangimarie - Mihi

Room 14 - Raymond

Room 15 - Havahna

Room 16 - Honest

Tumanako - Capree

UPs Maths – Hukarere

Principals award

Aisha Harris for being an awesome role model in Room 4.

100% Attendance

Capree, Tumanako

Parahaki, Room 3

Michael, Manawanui

Charon, Tumanako

Cairo, Room 16

Shardinae, Room 3

School Camp

We have classes at Ngawha Marae this week.  Seniors (Rooms 14, 15, 16, 17) will stay from Tuesday till Thursday (tomorrow), Juniors (Rooms 1,2,3,7 and 8) visited today and Middle Syndicate classes (Rooms 4,5,6 and 9) will stay Thursday night and return to school on Friday.

If there are whanau able and willing to attend the camp please see your child’s class teacher. Here are a few pictures of the Seniors at the Marae yesterday.

Year 6 Transition

On Friday 24th March our Year 6 tamariki will be going up to Kaikohe Intermediate School from 9.30-12.30pm for transition.  They will be involved in activities during the day that will give them some idea about what it might be like to attend Kaikohe Intermediate school in 2018.

Whanau are welcome to attend too.

Ukulele Lessons

We are pleased to have Henare and Jane Hoani come back to our school next week to take ukulele lessons with four groups of selected children every Tuesday from 12pm.  If your child is in the group they will bring home a letter with this newsletter. Apologies for not sending this letter home last week.


This week we are reminding children not to walk through the school carpark or down by the caretakers shed when entering or leaving school.  Children should only use the gate up by Mangakahia Road or Purdy Street.  

Wheels at school

Children are welcome to bring their bike, scooters etc to school but they must wear a helmet at all times and their wheels are left behind Room 12 in the bike shed only so it is essential that they also have a chain and lock to keep it safe.  Wheels are only to be ridden at school on the basketball court or field during break times.

Don Edmonds,
8 Mar 2017, 13:17