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Newsletter 201635 - 9 November 2016

Kaikohe Intermediate - Year 7 Enrolments

All Year 6 children will be bringing home today an envelope with a Kaikohe Intermediate School enrolment form and information in it. Whanau are welcome to either post their enrolment in the envelope provided or return it to us and we will ensure it gets to the Intermediate School. Any queries do not hesitate to contact us.


Recently the following teachers were appointed to teaching positions at our school for 2017 – congratulations to:

Michelle Hudson

Barbara Phillips

Claire Edmonds

Tina Harrison

Next week we will advertise teachers/classrooms and levels they will most likely teach next year.

Classes for 2017

Currently we are working through class lists for next year. If whanau have a preference of teacher for their child/children please feel free to contact Whaea Chicky by text, email or call in. If possible we will do our best to place your child where you request.

Bilingual for 2017

Any whanau who are wishing to place their child/children into a Bilingual Maori class for 2017 please contact Whaea Chicky to discuss this option. The classes are operating at 50-80% of the day in Te Reo Maori therefore any children entering these classes should have attended Kohanga Reo and have strong support of Te Reo Maori at home.



On Friday 18th November we will be having an Athletics/Active day whereby some Year 4-6 children will be doing Athletics and all other children will be doing active activities.

We will also be having an $8 hangi on this day – orders can be made at the office now. Only 200 being sold so be in quick!

All whanau welcome on this day!

End of Year Reports

On Wednesday the 7th of December all children who have been at school for at least 6 weeks will be receiving a report to show how they are progressing toward the National Standard and to give whanau the opportunity to see what their child knows and what their next learning steps are. At this stage due to Mr Shaw and Matua Jim being unwell their class reports may be later.

Swimming Every Day

Children are to bring togs, their own towel in a plastic bag on their class swimming days.

Swimming days are as follows:

Seniors 9am – 11am

Rooms 14, 15, 16 and 17

Middle 11.30am – 1pm

Rooms 4, 5, 6 and 9

Juniors 2pm – 3pm

Rooms 1, 2, 3, Manawanui and 8

No swimming for children with sores and or kutus.

Community of Learning

A Community of Learning is a group of Schools, Kura and Early Childhood centres that formally get together to raise achievement. Working together allows Schools, Kura and Early Childhood Centres to share teaching expertise and experience so every child can benefit.

Te Ara Hura is a Community of Learning (CoL) made up of 10 schools: Waima School, Kaikohe Intermediate School, Northland College, Kaikohe East School, Kaikohe Christian School, Umawera School, Okaihau College, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe, Horeke School, Mangamuka School.

Principal, BOT and Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi

Representatives meet approximately every three weeks to develop an Achievement Challenge plan to raise achievement for students.

Duffy Books in Homes

Duffy Books in Homes $5 Parent Offer. All orders to be sent back to school by Friday 11th November. Your books will be sent home beginning December.

Term 4 Sport

Twilight Hockey will continue just against Kaikohe West’s team each week. Whaea Michelle is the coach.

Problems in the Playground

Whanau are reminded that if there are any issues/problems that need sorting out in the school to do with children/staff that the first place to come is to Whaea Chicky or your child’s teacher. It is not ok for any whanau to come into the school and discipline other children for whatever reason. Please come and see us!

Transition Day

All Year 6 children will be attending the last planned Transition Day at Kaikohe Intermediate School on Thursday 17th November (change of date) from approximately 9-2.30pm. Whanau are welcome to attend with their tamariki to see what the school has to offer for next year. The children will be involved in various classroom activities on this day that will give them some idea of what Year 7 will be like for them at Kaikohe Intermediate. The Principal Freda Mokaraka will also be available to speak with whanau should you wish to.

Waimate North Show Day

All classes are busy completing entries for the Waimate North Show Day to be held this Saturday 12th November. There will be a competitive Super 12 Kapahaka group performing on the day. Come along and cheer for them as they could be in to win some big bprize money!

Budget 2017

The staff and Board of Trustees are currently discussing budget ideas for 2017, currently our priorities are: providing a better environment in Room 13 for our special rights children, professional development for all staff, setting up a reception class for our new 5 year olds, education outside the classroom with a Marae stay planned to start the term and purchasing piupiu for our Kapahaka roopu. If whanau have any further ideas or comments please come and talk to or send a message to Whaea Chicky.

Don Edmonds,
9 Nov 2016, 11:40