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Newsletter 201624 - 10 August 2016


This week we welcome the following new students and their whanau: David Romana-Cooper and Kaiza and Phoenix Bright.


Sausage Sizzle

This Friday we will be having a school sausage sizzle, $2 each. The money raised will be given to Tautoro School to contribute towards their school pool upgrade fundraising. There will be no usual school lunches this Friday.


Junior Syndicate Discovery

Each week the five junior classrooms (Rooms 1,2,3,7,8) combine together on a Tuesday morning from 9.20 – 10.45am outside rooms 1 and 2, to share and join in on simple play activities.

Whanau are more than welcome to come and join us during this time to interact with our children and see learning happening through a play-based approach.


Middle Syndicate Clubs

This term the Middle Syndicate will be running clubs each Friday in the first block. The children have already decided on the clubs they would like that includes bike riding, sports, ipads and games, hairdressing, building, baking, art and dance. Clubs will start in week 2. If any whanau are free during this time to join us.


Senior Passion Projects

This term all seniors will be involved in Passion Projects. This will take place after the Olympics project has been completed on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30-10:45 starting from Week 4. During this time, students will work on a project that they are passionate about. They will work with students who have similar interests. They will have presentations during Week 8 to share with whanau.


School Cross Country

Our school cross country is planned for Thursday the 18th August. 

Seniors – Rooms 14,15,16,17: 9, 10, 11 year olds will run between 9:30-11 am

Middles – Rooms 4,5,6,9: 7, 8 year olds will run from 11:30-12:30

Juniors – Rooms 1,2,3,7,8: 5, 6 year olds will run from 2-3pm.

Ohaeawai Cross Country: Thursday 25th August

We will send 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from each age group to Ohaeawai to compete.


Bay of Islands Hockey Reps

Congratulations to the following students on their selection into the Bay of Islands Hockey Representative teams!!!

Girls Year 5 & 6

Ellek Edmonds

Esther Edmonds

Huia Clarke

Awatea Woodman

Boys Year 5 & 6

Ngatohu Padlie

They are playing on the 21 August 2016 at Lindvart Park Kaikohe.



There is HOCKEY training after school today for Kaikohe East School Yellow. 

Hockey this Saturday. Kaikohe East School Green (development) to be at Lindvart Park at 10.30am and Kaikohe East School Yellow to meet at 11.30am to get dressed and warm up please.



Congratulations to last week’s players of the day for the Senior team Sabastion Moka and for the Junior team, Mrs Stillwell gave the award to the whole team for playing so well in very cool conditions.

Apologies to a misprint re last week’s Player of the Day, it should have said Puhi Witehira!


Could all players please be at the courts by 8am this Saturday, games start at 8.30am.

The Year 3-4 team meet Whaea Anne and the Year 5-6 team meet Whaea Chrissy.

 If the weather is unsuitable we will post a notice on our school Facebook page or feel free to text Whaea Chicky on 0508 Kaikohe after 7.30am



If we have any whanau interested in helping with teaching Kapa Haka we have practices on Fridays.

Juniors: 11:30-12pm

Middles: 12-12:30pm

Seniors: 12:30-1pm

We especially need male tutors to help with our boys and their Haka. We are not expecting professionals, just some keen whanau.

If you have time to volunteer and make poi for our groups we would love the extra help.


Social Worker in Schools

A reminder to whanau that we have a School Social Worker who works in our school every Wednesday and Thursday. Her name is Whaea Lucy. She can be contacted by phoning the school office. Whaea Lucy works with whanau and children who may need support or someone to talk things through. 


Transition Day

All Year 6 children will be attending the next planned Transition Day at Kaikohe Intermediate School on 1st September from approximately 9-2.30pm.  Whanau are welcome to attend with their tamariki to see what the school has to offer for next year.  The children will be involved in various classroom activities on this day that will give them some idea of what Year 7 will be like for them at Kaikohe Intermediate.  The Principal Freda Mokaraka will also be available to speak with whanau should you wish to.


School Uniforms - compulsory

Next year we are making the wearing of school uniforms compulsory for all children.  We are currently trying to source a new, slightly cheaper option from The Warehouse but we do have uniforms in stock now that can be purchased at the office or time payments can be set up on line. Come and see us at the office for any queries please.