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Newsletter 201610 - 6 April 2016


This week we would like to welcome the following new students and their whānau to our school: Harmony and Zion Harris, Freedom Kelly, Ihaka Brown and Alize Wright.


Next week, Friday 15th April, is our last day of school for Term One. We will start back on Monday 2nd May for Term 2.


Room 17 to Open

Welcome to new teacher starting in R17 in term 2, Tina Harrison. Whaea Tina will be starting with a small class of children who will come from R2. Whaea Becs will contact the whānau of the children this week.


Gala Raffles Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our School Gala Raffles!  Pamper Raffle – Stevie Woodman, Henwood Builders Raffle – Malcolm Burns, RD1 Raffle – Keith, Northland College Uniform – Napiah Brown-Korewha, Kaikohe Intermediate Uniform – Puawai Woodman, Kaikohe East School Uniform – Rangatira Kiro.


Year 3 & 4 Rippa Rugby

Well done to our Year 3 + 4 rippa team. We had a great day and a lot of fun.


So far we only have a coach for one Year 5+6 Saturday hockey team for next term.  If you would like to coach a Year 1+2 or Year 3+4 team please call the office.


Weetbix TRYathlon

A newsletter will be coming out today for all TRYathletes regarding TRYathlon on Sunday 10th. Many children have pulled out, not attended enough practise or have not brought back permission slips. Please contact Whaea Kelli if you have concerns.



So far we only have coaches for one Year 1+2 team and one Year 5+6 team. If you would like to coach a Year 3+4 team please call the office. We will send permission slips out for netball next week.


Whānau League Club

Whānau Rugby League Training's have started for all ages and grades.  Training Days and Times - Tuesday & Thursday at 5PM to 6PM.  Venue: - Northland College

See you all there.


Kaikohe East Board

The Kaikohe East School Board will meet at the school at 3:15pm on Wednesday 13 April.


Senior Marae Stay

By Brady

On the 16th of March rooms 8/14/15 and 16 went to Kohewhata marae for the night. We got there on a bus.

When we got there we unloaded our bags and left them on the grass and got pōwhiried into the marae.


Te Awanui’s mum called us into the marae. When we got in the marae we had to harirū three elderly men. When we sat down Mr Shaw and Matua Jim spoke for our school. After they spoke we sang a song.

When they had finished talking we went and got our bags off the grass and put them under the shelter.


After that we had morning tea. For morning tea we had mandarins with milk and fruit bars.

When we finished morning tea we got to choose an activity to go and do. Our options were carving with Matua Jim. Drawing in the marae. Making poi in the marae. Clay work with Whaea Stevie. Weaving flax with Mrs Stillwell. And a couple of more things we could do.

I did drawing with Jamil. Jamil drew a marae and I drew a house. By the time I had finished drawing my house it was lunch time. We ate lunch and then w

e carried on with our activities. In the middle of our making time it started to rain.  So we had to go inside but me, Jamil and a couple of others went for a swim in the rain.


We stayed in the rain for about thirty minutes max. We got out of the rain and got dry and went into the marae.


We did some drawing and then it was dinner time.So we went to wash our hands and went to the wharekai which is called Hoana and had dinner.  

We had homemade burgers for dinner. For dessert we had peaches with hokey pokey ice-cream and it was delicious.


After dinner we went for a shower and then used the toilet before we went back into the marae. When we got back into the marae we watched Whale Rider. It lasted for a couple of hours then we had to go to sleep but most of us didn’t. We stayed up until the teachers growled us then we settled down and went to sleep. We all enjoyed our time there. Well I know I did.


Dear Staff,

We thank you for making this possible to go to Kohewhata Marae.  It was a great experience and I hope we can go on more like this.  I think we enjoyed every moment like the food, activities and sleep time.  Coby and I loved every moment of it.  And I wished it never ended.  So we thank you xxx

By Coby & Ben


Don Edmonds,
6 Apr 2016, 16:51