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Newsletter 201606 - 9 March 2016

Welcome New Students

A special welcome to our new tamariki and their whanau: Exodus Wharerau, Nevaeh Rameka, Jodacey Opetaia, Jerome and Ethan Campbell.


School Gala Day

Our School Gala Day is planned for this Saturday 12th March!


We still need helpers, please ring us or send us a note to let us know how you can help.


Thanks to the whanau who have offered to help already on a stall, please be at school on Saturday by 8.30am in time to set up your stall/activity. Your will also be sent home a letter with your child today with a few messages about Saturday.


We have lots of activities planned for the Gala, one of them being 30 minute swimming pool sessions so please remind your tamariki to bring togs and a towel if they wish to take advantage of this Gala activity.


New Gala Ticket System

There will be NO REFUNDS on any ticket, bands, hangi, raffles or chit card sales.

We are using a new ticketing system this year, offering you a few different options.


$20 Band – day pass to “Bumper Balls”, “Caro’s Crazy Critters”, “Bouncy Castles”, “Bouncy Slide” and “Hot Rods” (otherwise $5 each per turn).


$10 Band – day pass to “Caro’s Crazy Critters”, “Bouncy Castles” and “Bouncy Slides” (otherwise $5 each per turn).


We are allowing whanau the option to “pay the bands off” in the weeks leading up to the gala. Please see Kohi in the office.


These areas will be clearly marked on the day using a colour coded system ($20 green and $10 blue).


Alternatively, on the day we will be selling “Chit cards” at $2, $5 and $10 values that can be used at all gala stalls other than the Hangi and Raffle table which will be CASH ONLY.

Hangi tickets are for sale now too from the Office, $8 each

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at the school office.


Class Hampers

Please send something non-perishable along for your child/children’s class hamper box. These are being judged on Friday morning then being used for quick fire raffles.


Hangi Wood

Our special thanks to Arthur and Carmilla Tarawa for supplying us with wood for the hangi. A reminder that tickets are available now at the office, $8 each!


Swimming at the Gala

We have lots of activities planned for the Gala, one of them being 30 minute swimming pool sessions and a slippery slide by Room 17 so please remind your tamariki to bring togs and a towel if they wish to take advantage of this Gala activity.



Please note that Cake boxes are coming home today and are to be returned by 12 noon Friday 11th March or taken to the cake stall on the Saturday morning.

Please contact us if you are able to make more cakes and need extra boxes.

Each box is numbered and there will be prizes given to some boxes for: the best overall cake, the most colourful cake, the most succulent looking cake, the most decorative cake.


Marae Stay Reminder

The Senior Syndicate (Rooms 8, 14,15,16) will be staying overnight on Wednesday 16th March, the Middle Syndicate classes (Rooms 4,5,6,9)overnight on Thursday 17th March and the Junior Syndicate classes (Rooms 1,2,3,7) just for the day on Friday 18th March.

Details are coming home today. It is expected that all children will participate.


Swimming Sports

Interschool Swimming Sports:

This is for years 4-8 and will be held Fri 11th March at the Kaikohe Intermediate School pool.

Whaea Kelli is organising our representatives at this event. Children involved brought home a letter last week with details. Any queries contact Whaea Kelli.


Recent Sport Events

A big congratulations to our Ki o rahi teams and our Rippa teams who recently represented us at local tournaments. Special mention to Whaea Rehutai’s Rippa Team who yesterday won the finals in the Year 3 and 4 division and will be attending another Rippa event soon.


Year 6 Transition Days

Yesterday our Year 6’s attended the first of four Transition days at Kaikohe Intermediate School. Our special thanks to the Staff and children who made our Year 6’s first visit so awesome. We are looking forward to visit number 2 mid way through Term 2.


School Sores - Impetigo

We are aware that there are a few children at school who have school sores, little reddish lumps that may ooze? Please take your child to the doctor (free for children under 12years) if you suspect they may have them. Sores should be covered and children will not be allowed to swim with sores. If we notice anything at school our Public Health Nurse Bev may be in touch. An information sheet is coming home today.


Don Edmonds,
10 Mar 2016, 09:47