Evacuation and Lock Down


· An Evacuation Notice is displayed in every room in the school.

· The Evacuation Scheme has been approved by the Area Chief Fire Office.

· The evacuation signal is a constant ring of the electric bell, or hand bell.

· Teachers check adjacent toilet blocks and take classes to the Junior Playground.

· If time permits, ensure that students are adequately clothed, especially if it is cold or wet.

· Close doors as you leave the building.

· Teachers check off children against the class monitoring sheet.

· The Administration Officer checks visitors against the visitors' sheet.

· Advise principal of children or adults not accounted for.

· Do not return to buildings until advised to do so by the principal.


Lock Down

· The principal may invoke the Lock Down procedure to ensure student staff and visitor safety.

· Examples of events that may lead to invoking this procedure are:

o A violent intruder on site

o A police operation

o A gas or chemical leak.

· The Lock Down signal is repeated short sharp rings of the electric bell.

· During Class Time

o Staff, students and visitors remain in their rooms.

o If outside go to the nearest safe room.

o Lock doors and windows.

· If students are outside

o All staff and students go to their rooms immediately.

o Lock doors and windows.

· Remain locked down until the all clear is sounded.

· The All Clear signal is one long ring of the electric bell.

· A trial Lock Down is held each term