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Newsletter 201509 - 1 April 2015


A special welcome to our new tamariki and their whānau: Troy Cribb, Unique Stewart and Ihapera Tarawa.


Farewell and Thanks

At the end of this term we wish a fond farewell and special thanks to support staff members, Whaea Michelle Tito-Brown and Matua Stacy Mataki-Kaiaruna who are leaving us to take up new challenges, we wish them all the best!

We also say farewell and good luck to Mrs Woodman our office administrator who will be taking maternity leave. While she is away Matua Don Edmonds will be working in the office.

We also thank Whaea Andy for being in Room 1 this term while Miss Snow has been on leave, Miss Snow will return on Mondays to Thursdays next term. Whaea Andy will teach Room 1 on Fridays.


School Holidays

Please note that the last day of Term 1 is tomorrow, Thursday 2nd April. Term 2 starts on Monday 20th April.

Please remember that the school gates are locked and the school must not be entered. If anyone sees people in the grounds that shouldn’t be please contact the Kaikohe Police or Whaea Chicky on 021411534.


Room 17 opens

Due to large class sizes we are opening a new Year 4-6 senior class at the beginning of Term 2. We welcome back to Kaikohe East Whaea Joy Schwieters who will teach this class until the end of the year. The make-up of this class will be shared with children today and we will also attempt to contact all whānau by phone if their child is moving into this new class. The children will also be given a letter to bring home today. If any whānau have any concern about their child moving, do not hesitate to come and see us.



We currently have most sizes of polo shirts available, $35 each. We have the polar fleece jackets. These are priced according to sizes. Sizes 6 – 14 are $55 each. Bigger sizes are $65 each.

For now any children with no uniform please feel free to wear your usual clothe. Also, there are green polo’s at The Warehouse Kaikohe. DO NOT keep your child home if they do not have a uniform.



KAITIAKITANGA - Looking after our land and environment.

Classes might focus on our school garden, our school environment, our community environment, ANZAC day or any other ideas that the children are interested in.

We have some special lessons about rubbish and recycling planned too.

In addition to the above we are also holding a school Speech competition whereby all the children will be involved in writing and saying a speech that may be about Kaitiakitanga.

With Mrs Jarvis in Room 12 all classes will cover Music, Art, Craft, Dance and Drama twice per term.

Whaea Gina will be returning and will focus on Ki-o-rahi (a game), nutrition and Matariki.


New World Garden Project

Last week a group of students, Whaea Michelle Hudson and North Tec students began a garden project at New World. This project will be finished in Term 2. To date the group have removed the flax out the front of the shop and plan to plant out new plants in Term 2.

If any whānau would like to help us, come and see Whaea Michelle Hudson who works mainly in Room 9/Rangimārie.



Hockey Season will start next term. Children who are interested in playing for the school Hockey team will have been given registration forms today to fill out and bring back tomorrow please.


Whānau Hui Attendance

The overall school attendance for the Whānau Hui was 72%, an awesome result everyone! Particular mention to Room 9/Rangimārie that had 98% of their class whānau attend!



The pool will be closed as from tomorrow. There will be no swimming now until next year.


Kutu Product

We have a new kutu product in the office with instructions on how to use it. Whānau please come to the office with a small container and we will fill it for you.


Senior Camp

Room’s 14, 15, 16 and Tūmanako will be having an overnight camp at school today Wednesday 1st of April. This involves all Senior Class students.


Dental Clinic

The Kaikohe East Oral Health Clinic will be open both weeks in the holidays. Children will bring home appointment cards. If they are unable to make these appointments please phone us on 094011534 .

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! Use your toothbrush twice a day - clean teeth with toothpaste and when finished spit don't rinse.


Free Playgroup

We have enrolment forms available at the school office for a new playgroup opening in Room 10 here at our school in Term 2 for children who are 3 or 4 year olds who are not currently enrolled in any pre-schooling or who just want to enrol.


Don Edmonds,
3 Apr 2015, 19:31