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Newsletter 201508 - 25 March 2015


We received another “part” of our uniform order, included in this are the school jersey order too, with only a few more to come!! Kohi has been contacting whānau who have already paid for their uniforms as efficiently as possible at this stage, if you are yet to be contacted please feel free to either contact her by phone, 4011532, or by calling in to the school office to collect the items you have purchased.

A reminder that school jerseys are priced according to sizes. Sizes 6 – 14 are $55 each. Any size bigger will cost $65 each. All school polo’s are $35 each.

For now any children with no uniform please feel free to wear your usual clothes or there are green polo’s at The Warehouse Kaikohe that are ok also. DO NOT keep your child home if they do not have a uniform please. If you want to set up an automatic payment or just pay a uniform off as you can afford to, come and see Kohi in the office, we will make it as easy as we can for you.


New World Garden Project

To show our appreciation for the support Kaikohe New World has given to our school and community we are planning to support them by helping tidy up the garden at the front of the shop.

Tomorrow, 26th March a group of selected senior tamariki and students from North Tec Horticulture course will be removing the flax outside the shop and tidying the area.

The flax will be replanted around our bike track.

If any whānau would like to help, come and see Whaea Michelle Hudson who works mainly in Room 9/Rangimārie.

The group will leave school at a bout 11am and return around 2pm, any assistance would be appreciated.


Whānau Hui – Polo Shirt Winner

Congratulations to Toni Tango! She has won the School Polo Shirt. Thank you to all whānau who were able to attend!


School Bus Bay

A reminder to all  whānau that the Bus Bay area is ONLY available for “pick-up” and “drop-offs” during the hours of 9am and 2.30pm, please DO NOT park in this area before or after school as it needs to remain clear for SCHOOL BUSES!


Pool Party!

Next week rooms 3, 4, 5 and 9 will be having pool parties. Rooms 3 and 4 will be on Tuesday 31st March, rooms 6 and 9 on Wednesday 1st April we will be having a shared lunch and whānau are invited to attend. We will send a separate letter home with more information.


Senior Camp

Room’s 14, 15, 16 and Tumanako will be having an overnight camp at school on Wednesday 1st of April. A reminder to all whānau to return permission slips to your child’s classroom teacher by the end of the week so confirmation of numbers staying and whānau attend the hāngi can be arranged.


Upcoming Sport Events

Swim Safe with Nikki every Tuesday, Hockey Tournament 27th March Top Energy Turf Kaikohe, Rippa Rugby Tournament 31st March Lindvart Park.


Hockey Tournament

Hockey Tournament this Friday 27th March 2015.

Two Year 3&4 teams and three Year 5&6 teams will be going to Lindvart Park to play all day. Whānau are most welcome to come along and support their tamariki who come home with a permission slip. Children are to come to and leave school as normal.



A reminder for all children to bring their togs and towels on their class swimming days and on Tuesdays as this is when the Swim safe instructor is here with us.


Hokianga Pioneers League

Muster, today, 25th March, Lindvart Park at 5.30pm. Kids all ages welcome. Contact Lisa 0273754396.


Kutu Product

We have a new kutu product in the office with instructions on how to use it. Whānau please come to the office with a small container and we will fill it for you.






Inviting enrolments of 3 and 4 year olds now to our exciting new playgroup at Kaikohe East School. Please come in and see us at the school office or use the contact details below to find out more.

Taking enrolments now!

Link to Brochure

Kelly Yakas – Administrator 021998096 or

Chicky Rudkin – Principal (09) 4011532 021411534

Kaz Chamberlain – SENCO (09) 401 1532


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26 Mar 2015, 13:26