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Newsletter 201536 - 18 November 2015


This week we wish to warm welcome the following new students and whanau to our school: Stephanie Mackay-Andrews and Christina Adams.


2016 Kaikohe East School dates

Term 1     2nd Feb -15th April

Term 2     2nd May -8th July

Term 3     25th July - 23rd Sept

Term 4     10 Oct - 15th December


Kaikohe Christmas Parade

This community event is planned for Saturday 5th December, the theme for this year’s parade is “Candyland” Our school will be involved, if there are any whanau members with ideas and or who are willing to help please come and see us.


Mainfreight Calendars

Children will bring home today their 2016 Mainfreight Calendars, please make note of the artwork for February, Indica Wharerau, from Room 17 art was chosen.  Congratulations Indica.


Fluoride Dental Team

On Tuesday, 24th November, a dental team will be visiting all Kaikohe East School 5 year old children to share the importance of dental care and fluoride.  Children involved in this programme will bring home more information today.


Christmas Grotto

The Kaikohe Community Arts Council is preparing a Grotto at 81 Broadway for children to visit as soon as it is set up.  Many classes here will be providing the Grotto with a Christmas tree they have made.  Classes will also be visiting the Grotto to see the wonderful work of The Arts Council and to see Santa!


End of Year

The final school assembly will be held in our school hall on Friday 11th of December (time to be confirmed).  At this Assembly we say goodbye to our Year 6’s, award the Mainfreight Duffy Award and celebrate other successes. All are welcome to attend! 

The last day of the year is Tuesday 15th December, school will finish for children at 1pm on this day, and buses will run as usual.



T-Ball is on again at Lindvart Park, players are to meet their coaches at the Park at 3.30pm. Practices for T-Ball are Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes.


PGG Wrightson Donation

Huge Thank you to Richard Weightman an ex pupil of Kaikohe East & PGG Wrightson for donating Gumboots to the garden club.  No more prickles in our feet.


End of Year Reports

This term whanau can expect a written end of year report to come home with the school newsletter on Wednesday 2nd of December. The report will outline how your child aligns with the National Standards for Writing, Reading and Maths and will discuss what they can currently do and what their next steps might be. Of course if whanau would like a face-to-face meeting with their child’s teacher before or after the report is sent home please do not hesitate to make contact with the appropriate teacher.

If your child only started school this term no written report will be provided.



Touch this Thursday.  All teams are to meet coaches by 3.45pm at the latest. U7 Whaea Tanya and Matua Harley. U9 Whaea Rehutai. U11A Coach Stirling U11B Whaea Kelli and Mrs Woodman at Lindvart Park.

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes at school.


Gala Day 2016

Please mark your calendar now; our school Gala Day for 2016 will be Saturday 12th March starting at 10am.  Please start thinking about how you can support us and what you may like to contribute.  Any ideas please let Kohi or Whaea Chicky know.


Budget 2016

Thank you to whanau who have expressed their support regarding Staff priority spending for next year being on:

Professional Development with an emphasis on ICT/e-learning

EOTC – class trips and visitors coming to our school

Staffing - to ensure that all children’s learning and behavioural needs are met.

If whanau have any further ideas about purchases for 2016 please do not hesitate to let us know via email, Facebook, text or come and tell us.  We will consider all suggestions up until the end of this month when the budget goes back to the Board of Trustees for their approval.


2016 Class Organisation

Staff are now preparing class organisation for 2016 over so if whanau have any preferences for their child/children’s class/es for 2016 please come and see or contact Whaea Chicky. We will try to keep children with the same teacher for 2-3 years if possible and try to accommodate any requests by whanau if possible.


Waimate Show

Thank you to all whanau who came to suport our Senior Kapahaka group, who came won the kapahaka competition, and all the students who entered the various art and cooking categories, we are very proud of you all!


Don Edmonds,
19 Nov 2015, 13:17