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Newsletter 201531 - 14 October 2015


A special welcome to new students and their whanau: Lyrik Mokaraka, Jayla Naera, Orongo Tua, Titari and Tahleena Wihongi, Kauri and Arlee Tarawa.


This week we welcome Matua Caleb Sadler, a new Teacher Aide working with a group of boys in the school.



Our condolences to the Maihi whanau.  Sadly Matua Boss’s mother and Mrs Maihi’s mother in law passed away during the school holidays.


Term 4 Topics/Events

This term we have a broad topic called “Enterprise” happening in all classes. This may involve children preparing things to sell, prepare things to sell at our 2016 Gala Day and also prepare items for the Waimate North Show which is planned for Saturday 14th November.  Our School Kapahaka will also be performing at the Waimate North Show, more details later.


Kaikohe Christmas Parade

This community event is planned for Saturday 5th December, the theme for this year’s parade is ‘

“Candyland”. Our school will be involved. If there are any whanau members with ideas and or who are willing to help please come and see us.


Free Glasses

Following the eye tests that happened last term, children who need glasses will receive a letter today and will have them fitted at school on Monday next week 1.30pm for 45mins, a parent is required to attend in order for the child/ren to take their glasses home.


Free School Lunch

This Friday we welcome back the The Network Charity Trust who will be preparing a free lunch for all children in our school hall and delivering it to all classes.  At this stage they will be back possibly another 4 times this term and hope to provide free lunch every day starting Term 1, 2016 for those children who don’t have or need extra lunch.



We still have kutu solution available at the school office.  Please come and get what you need to treat your child.


Holiday Projects

It was pleasing to finally have our ramps upgraded and renewed for wheelchair access during the holidays. We also had the playground painters back to fix up some of their previous work.


Chromebook/ipad use

Just in case you missed this last term.

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned our chromebook/ipad survey. 

Here are a few of the comments:

“Depends if the children get to keep the chromebooks.”

“$400 is a lot of money most cannot afford, the risk of theft that is common in schools at the moment.  Education is supposed to be free and I feel there should be funding for this, I can afford one but it is the principle.”

“I feel children should learn to write in books in general to improve hand writing skills instead of depending on computers all the time.  However, it is good to learn how to use a computer for the future.”

“I have 3 children attending and am on a benefit and just managing.  Any more items would put a strain on us at home.”

“Let’s be together with the rest of the world.”

“Balance between both chromebooks and book/writing would be preferable.”

A final analysis of the survey will be completed soon and shared with all whanau.


Touch Starting

Touch Rugby season at Lindvart Park is here again and we are hoping to enter U7, U9 and U11 school teams into the tournament. Every team will get 2 games each Thursday night. These will be 10min halves

Round 1 4.00pm - 4.20pm

Round 2  4.25pm - 4.45pm


T-Ball Starting

Starting this Wednesday 14th until December 9th a KES T-Ball team will be playing at Lindvart Park from 4pm-4:50pm.  The 11 players will come home today with a permission slip regarding this. 

Players need to be at Lindvart Park by 3:45pm with suitable footwear. Uniforms will be provided by the school.

Training lunchtimes at school.  Anne Stillwell will be the coach.



School photos are back. We will not just send photos home with children unless whanau ask us to. Feel free to call in and collect your photos from the office.

If you wish to re-order class photos this can be done also by calling into the office with your order and payment.



Currently there are senior children involved in the School Choir preparing for the Kids for Kids evening at The Centre in Kerikeri on 20th  October.

All children involved will be bringing home a letter from Mrs Jarvis who is our teacher in charge of the choir.

It is important that whanau read the letter, complete the bottom part of it and return it to school well before the 2oth October.  Any queries please contact Mrs Jarvis at school.


2016 Class Organisation

Staff will be preparing class organisation for 2016 over the next few weeks so if whanau have any preferences for their child/children’s class/es for 2016 please come and see or contact Whaea Chicky. We will try to keep children with the same teacher for 2-3 years if possible. 


Gala Day 2016

Please mark your calendar now, our school Gala Day for 2016 will be Saturday 12th March starting at 10am.  Please start thinking about how you can support us and what you may like to contribute.  Any ideas please let Kohi or Whaea Chicky know.

Don Edmonds,
14 Oct 2015, 13:33