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Newsletter 201521 - 22 July 2015


A special welcome to these new students and their whanau: Meilee Mackay-Andrews, Parahaki Ruruhe, Wi Patene Harris, Charlie Young, Napiah Korewha, and Tiarah Korewha.


The North Tec Horticulture Group and the Kaikohe East garden has fresh spray-free vegetables for sale 12:00-3:00pm this Thursday 23 July outside the office.

Broccoli, Silver Beet, Cabbage.

All $1.00 each.

Education Review

In March this year Kaikohe East School was reviewed by the Education Review Office (ERO). The review report has now been published online. You will find it here.


Rheumatic Fever Prevention Project

Herb Rollo and/or Waiora Wihongi visit the school three times a week to throat swab any children who have sore throats.

A sore throat can lead to Rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever is a serious disease that can cause permanent heart damage.

We are very fortunate to have this screening programme, but we do need a signed consent form so that your children can be checked.

Consent forms are being sent home with this newsletter for those who do not already have them. Please sign and return them to the school.


School Photo Day

School photos are planned for Thursday 27th August. Individual, class and family photos will be taken. Family and individual photos will only be taken if payment has been made.  Prices vary but start saving now. Order forms will come home next week. Once we have confirmed prices we will let you know and separate photo order information will be sent home closer to the time.



This Friday all children will be in a club option they chose late in Term 2. Clubs will be every Friday from 11.30-1pm. Clubs include activities such as Science experiments, Te Ao Maori, Gardening, Fitness, Hip Hop, Garden Art and Cooking.

Education in Kaikohe

Many thanks to the large number of parents who completed the survey about Education in Kaikohe. There is still time to complete a survey if you haven’t already. Call in and complete a form before tomorrow at 11.3oam or go onto our Facebook page and complete it on line.  Please be reassured that despite the heading in the Northern News recently this survey is not intended to close any school. It is an opportunity for whanau to tell us what they think would be a good option for our future.


Kaikohe East Uniforms

We now have all sizes of polo shirts ($35) and jackets ($55) available. Come along to the office to purchase uniforms.


Class Sizes in Junior Rooms

Due to an increase of numbers particularly in Room 2 (Whaea Becs’ class) all Junior rooms (Rooms 1, 3, 5, 6) may have some changes to them.  A few children will be moved from rooms to start in a new room in about a fortnight. If the move involves your child you will be contacted by your child’s current teacher. If your child is selected to move class it is because we have considered all their learning, social and emotional levels and are fairly sure they will be well suited to their new class.


Children who are under ten who live more than 3.2km from their nearest school are entitled to travel to that school by bus if a service is available. Children who are ten or more are eligible if they live more than 4.8km from the school.

The boarding of buses after school is closely controlled to ensure that children travel on the correct bus.

You can be sure that unless there are exceptional circumstances, your children will board the bus that they are enrolled on unless the school receives a note or phone call from the parents.

If there is no note or call, children will go home on their usual bus.

Please avoid ringing the office late in the afternoon to make changes in bus arrangements. It is not always easy to get a message to the right child before the buses leave.



Most children bring a lunch from home.

Children are expected to sit down when eating and are supervised from 1:00pm to 1:10pm.

For health and safety reasons, lollies, chewing gum, canned drinks and glass bottles are not permitted at school.

Snacks, milk and fruit may be provided each day for all children.


Buying Lunch

Lunch orders are taken in the hall from 8.30am.

Lunches are delivered to classrooms just before 1:00pm.


Evon’s Lunch Menu:


American Hot Dog






Egg Sandwich


Garlic and Cheese Roll


Ham and Cheese Sandwich


Ham Cheese and Lettuce Bun


Ham Roll


Hot Apple Pie










Nutella Sandwich




Spaghetti Bun




Vogel Ham and Salad Sandwich



Sports Uniforms for sale

We have excess Mitre brand dark green and gold sports uniforms for sale that could be used for netball/hockey. We are selling them for $10 each (skirt or top) Sizes range from children’s size 4 to 18. A sample uniform is available at the office to view. We have about 30 of each available.

Don Edmonds,
22 Jul 2015, 12:42