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Newsletter 201519 - 24 June 2015


A special “welcome back” to Walter Frisbie.


Matariki Ki-o-rahi Celebration

We had a great Matariki celebration today with our visitors from Ohaeawai School.

Many thanks to the wonderful hangi helpers!

Commiserations and apologies to those who missed out on the hangi this time.

Two hundred sold by Monday afternoon! That’s a record!


Mid-Year Reports

Reports will come home today in sealed envelopes. Please note that your child has had the opportunity to read their report already.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher if there is any information in the report you need clarification about or if there is an error in the report. While we proof read reports several times, we can miss things.

If you have any feedback about the report (good or bad) do not hesitate to share it with your child's teacher or email chicky@kaikeast.school.nz


Fire Brigade Sports

On Monday 29 June Room 14, 15, 16, 17 and Tumanako students will be participating in 5 different codes for Fire Brigade Sports.

Please make sure you have the right footwear for hockey and netball. Bring your own shorts in case we don't have enough school shorts.

If it is raining, it will still go ahead so make sure you have warm clothes for between and after games. If the weather is really bad it will be postponed to the Tuesday. Call the school after 8:00am Monday if you need to check.

There will be no ordered lunch for seniors on Monday so bring a packed lunch and a drink. We will be taking fruit, bars and milk from school. Do not bring money on that day.

Codes and venues are:

Rippa Rugby - Kaikohe Rugby Grounds

League - Lindvart Park

Hockey - Lindvart Park

Soccer - Northland College

Netball - Lindvart Park

Spectators welcome!


Well Done Lily

Lily Howard from Room 5 came to the office last week to show us how well she can write stories.


Kaikohe Rotary Speech Contest

Te Mana Stillwell, Lazarus Edmonds and Takutai Tomuri-Grace are representing us at the Rotary Speech Competition at the RSA, at 6:45pm tonight 24 June.

Whanau are very welcome to come along.

Weekend Sports

Last week’s Netball Player of the Day was Dayton Romana-Cooper. Players to be at Lindvart Park by 8:15am on Saturday. Practice at school at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hockey teams need to be at Lindvart Park on Saturday at 10:30am (Y3-4) and 11:30am (Y5-6).

Practices at 4:00pm at Lindvart Park on Mondays and at school at lunchtime on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Rugby League team needs to meet at Lindvart Park straight after school on Wednesdays. Games start at 4:00pm and 4:45pm. Practices are Tuesday and Fridays at school at lunchtime.

Rheumatic Fever

Why parents should take their children to the doctor’s if they have a sore throat...

(by O’Shearne Reihana Y6 R15)


Intro: I am against parents not taking their kids to the doctors when they have sore throats. It could lead to heart damage. Would you like your child to die?


Sore throats

Our school has nurses that swab your throat for free, if a child has a sore throat. It is important that we get our throat swabbed as other kids could get it passed on to them, So if tests come back positive nurses give kids antibiotics to take until they are completely finished. If they don’t take their antibiotics it could lead to Rheumatic Fever…


Rheumatic fever

If you don’t go to the doctors or you refuse to, you could end up in hospital, now think again! What if your child got RF? You would think I am the worst Mum/Dad I should have taken Her /Him as soon as I found out. That’s why it is important to take and finish your antibiotics if you have RF. If you end up in hospital you could have a long term weakness and illness due to heart damage. Imagine that!


Heart damage

If you have heart damage you could end up in hospital. So the doctors inject you to put you to sleep. After that they draw on you with a marker and then they cut you open. This is called an open heart surgery. If you survive you will have a scar and you won’t be allowed to play sports. Imagine if you were a kid who loved playing sports but only to be told you were never allowed to run or kick a ball ever again.

So this is why I strongly urge parents to take children to doctors if they have a sore throat. Otherwise they could die. Imagine losing your kids because you didn’t get them treated.


Don Edmonds,
25 Jun 2015, 03:29