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Newsletter 201518 - 17 June 2015


A special welcome to Josephine and Vivian Busby, and Jahkaya Hamilton and their whanau.

Matariki Ki-o-rahi Celebration Day

On Wednesday 24 June we will be having a Ki-o-rahi fun day and Hangi to celebrate Matariki.

From 9:00 to 10:30am each class will play against another class.

The whole school will be out watching.

We have invited two teams from Ohaeawai School to play our seniors from about 11:30am.

The hangi will be out at 1:00pm.

Fill in the form that was sent home with the newsletter this week  and send it to school with your money to make sure that you and your whanau enjoy our Matariki Hangi.


Helpers Needed

Come along to the hall if you can and help with hangi preparation on Tuesday 23 June from 10:00am.


We need lots of clean newspaper for hangi wrapping. Send your clean newspaper to school.

Mid-Year Reports

All children who have been enrolled at school for 6 weeks or more will be bringing home a report from their class teacher to show what they know, their next learning steps, and general information about them. Reports are scheduled to come home with the school newsletter on Wednesday 24 June.


Kaikohe Intermediate School

Next term all whanau will receive a survey with the school newsletter about their thoughts regarding Year 7 and 8 children. The Ministry of Education are asking for community opinion and thoughts about options for Year 7 and 8 students who leave our Primary Schools.


Fire Brigade Sports

Fire Brigade Sports Day is on Monday 29 June (postponed to Tuesday 30 June if too wet). This is for year 5-6 children. Not all will play.

Codes and venues are:

Rippa Rugby - Kaikohe Rugby Grounds

League - Lindvart Park

Hockey - Lindvart Park

Soccer - Northland College

Netball - Lindvart Park

More details next week.


Breakfast is available every morning in the school hall from 8:00– 8.45am. Everyone i welcome!

Special thanks to Matua Kelvin for regularly coming into school to help with preparing and helping with giving our children breakfast. A big thank you also to New World and Kiwi Kids for their sponsorship.

If there are any other whanau wishing to come along to help and share breakfast with the children please do.


Chromebooks - Devices in Schools

Whanau will be consulted next term about their thoughts regarding ICT devices such as chromebooks being used in schools. With the announcement by the Ministry of Education that all Year 9s will sit assessments online by 2017, it is essential we consider preparing our children.


Kaikohe Rotary Speech Contest

The three children who will be representing us at the Rotary Speech Competition at the RSA, at 6:45pm on 24 June are Te Mana Stillwell, Lazarus Edmonds and Takutai Tomuri-Grace. Whanau are very welcome to come along.



Last week’s Players of the Day were Shivarna Romana-Cooper and Sky TaherePlayers to be at Lindvart Park by 8:15am on Saturday. Practice at school at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Rugby League

Congratulations to last week’s Player of the Day – Chayde Kauwhata. Games are at 4:00pm and 4:45pm on Wednesdays.


Havahna Moon and Dijonay Padlie were Players of the Day last week. Teams to be at Lindvart Park on Saturday at 10:30am (Y3-4) and 11:30am (Y5-6).


Don Edmonds,
17 Jun 2015, 16:31