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Newsletter 201515 - 27 May 2015


A special welcome to our new tamariki and their whanau: Jhai Morgan-French, Adelaide Wharerau, and Manuera Tomuri-Grace.


Queen’s Birthday

No school on Monday 1 June.


Parents and Caregivers - Contact Numbers

It is VERY important that the school has your correct telephone numbers and address.

Please call the school office (0-9-4011532) or text Whaea Chicky (0-21-411534) if your number has changed. If you are not sure if we have your correct details, please call and check.


Civil Defence Emergencies

If the council declares a Civil Defence Emergency, children may be sent home early if the principal is satisfied that there is a responsible person at home. If the principal cannot be assured that there is a responsible person at home, children will be kept safe at the school.

This is why you must be sure that we have your correct contact details.

Please note that a wet day is not a Civil defence Emergency.


Please call the school office (0-9-4011532) or text Whaea Chicky (0-21-411534) before 9:30am to let us know if one of your children is not coming to school.

Children must attend every day unless they are sick.

If we have concerns about a child’s attendance a referral is made to the District Truancy Service.

Graduate Profile

Last call for whanau to respond. Please send your completed form back to school by Friday as the draw will happen at school assembly.



Yesterday Stadey from Room 1 proudly read his story about racing cars to Whaea Chicky. He was able to write some letters and a few words all by himself! Tino pai to mahi Stadey!

Fire Brigade Sports

It’s that time again. Fire Brigade Sports Day is on Monday 29 June (postponed to Tuesday 30 June if too wet). This is for year 5-6 children. Not all will play.

Codes and venues are:

Rugby - Kaikohe Rugby Grounds

League - Lindvart Park

Hockey - Lindvart Park

Soccer - Northland College

Netball - Lindvart Park


School Speeches

Currently all classes are working on writing and learning a speech. We have our school speech competition planned for the 9th of June, start time 10am in the hall. We have two categories – non – competitive for all class levels and competitive for all Year 5 and 6 classes.  The two finalists from the competitive section will go on to represent our school at the Kaikohe Rotary Speech competition held at the RSA on Wednesday 24 June. More details about both events later.



Most children bring a lunch from home.

Children are expected to sit down when eating and are supervised from 1:00pm to 1:10pm.

For health and safety reasons, lollies, chewing gum, canned drinks and glass bottles are not permitted at school.

Snacks, milk and fruit may be provided each day for all children.


Term 3 Clubs

We will once again have clubs in Term 3 every Monday afternoon from 2-2.50pm. If there are any whanau who would like to come and either lead a club or support a teacher or teacher aide with a club please let us know.

Some club ideas might be - checkers, guitar, ukulele, dance, drama, a sport or game, building, creating or any craft. The school will provide materials needed.

Please let us know if you can help.

Buying Lunch

•           Lunch orders are taken in the hall from 8.30am.

•           Lunches are delivered to classrooms just before 1:00pm.

Lunch Menu

American Hot Dog




Cheesy Garlic Bread




Egg Sandwich


Ham and Cheese Sandwich


Ham Cheese and Lettuce Bun


Ham Roll




Milk Biscuit








Nutella Sandwich






Vogel Ham & Salad Sandwich




Netball was cancelled last week due to the weather.

Players to be at Lindvart Park by 8:15am on Saturdays.

Practice at school at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



Hockey was cancelled last week due to the weather. Teams to be at Lindvart Park on Saturdays at 10:30am (Y3-4 Team) and 11:30am (Y5-6 Team).

Practices at 4:00pm at Lindvart Park on Mondays and at school at lunchtime on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Rugby League

The team needs to meet coach Ken Moka at Lindvart Park straight after school on Wednesdays. Games start at 4:00pm and 4:45pm. Practices are Tuesday and Fridays at school at lunchtime.

Don Edmonds,
27 May 2015, 02:29