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Newsletter 201506 - 11 March 2015


A special welcome to our new tamariki and their whānau: Aarav Prasad.


ERO Visit

We were pleased to have ERO Reviewers Whaea Jane and Whaea Sandy here this week. Today the team “sum up” their findings. An official report will be available to the public about the visit in about 6 weeks. Special thanks to the whānau who were able to come and share comments and stories with the ERO team yesterday.



We are expecting some polo shirts into school today and more by the end of the week. Kohi will give whānau who have already purchased uniforms a phone call.

We also have the polar fleece jackets. These are priced according to sizes therefore from a size 6 – 14 will be $55 each any size bigger will cost $65 each.

For now any children with no uniform please feel free to wear your usual clothes or there are green polo’s at The Warehouse Kaikohe that are ok also. DO NOT keep your child home if they do not have a uniform please. If you want to set up an automatic payment or just pay a uniform off as you can afford to, come and see Kohi in the office, we will make it as easy as we can for you.


New World Garden Project

To show our appreciation for the support Kaikohe New World has given to our school and community we are planning to support them by helping tidy up the garden at the front of the shop.

On 26th March a group of selected senior tamariki and students from North Tec Horticulture course will be removing the flax outside the shop and tidying the area.

The flax will be replanted around our bike track.

If any whānau would like to help, come and see Whaea Michelle Hudson who works mainly in Room 9/Rangiāarie.

The group will leave school at a bout 11am and return around 2pm, any assistance would be appreciated.


Whānau Hui – 17th March

Please keep sending in notes re Whānau Hui meeting times. Please select a convenient time to come and visit teachers to discuss classroom programmes, your child’s progress so far, draft graduate profile and any other queries you may have. Time slots will be 10 minutes. We will do our best to give you the time you wish.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch or Kohi may ring you.

A reminder that school finishes at 1pm on this day

Supervision will be available until 3pm for walkers and until buses arrive for children who travel by bus.

All those who attend Whānau Hui will go into the draw to win a School Polo.


Upcoming Sport Events

Project Energize with Gina Harris 11th and 25th March, SwimSafe with Nikki every Tuesday, Dan Johnson Soccer 12th -13th March, Leila Hauraki Ki-o-rahi 20th March Lindvart Park, Hockey Tournament 27th March Top Energy Turf Kaikohe, Rippa Rugby Tournament 31st March Lindvart Park.


Senior Camp

Room’s 14, 15, 16 and Tumanako will be having an overnight camp at school on Wednesday 1st of April. A separate pānui will include more information.

We will be sleeping in tents and will have a hāngi dinner. We would like whānau of these tamariki to come along and join us for dinner and share what we have been doing this term.


A reminder for all children to bring their togs and towels on their class swimming days and on Tuesday’s as this is when the Swim safe instructor is here with us.


Kutu Product

We have a new kutu product in the office with instructions on how to use it. Whānau please come to the office with a small container and we will fill it for you.


Special Rights Day Trip

Trip for those children with TA’s on the 25th March. More info to come soon!!


DDF Dance Studioz

Classes at Kaikohe East School – Monday and Wednesday from 3.30pm. Contact Alannah if interested on 4077035 or 0272225574.


Petra Roper

Congratulations to Petra from Rangimārie, who was placed Runner-Up Miss Far North, held in Kaitaia last weekend, 7th March. Very proud parents and School!



We have enrolment forms available at the school office for a new playgroup opening Term 2 for children 3 – 4 years old who are not currently enrolled in any pre-schooling.

Don Edmonds,
12 Mar 2015, 01:16