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1908 Board Workshop - 12 August 2019

Part One - Forms to Fill In

Part Two - What is School Governance?

  1. Governance Overview

  2. The board governs with Policies:

    1. The Charter - where we define the "ends" - where the board wants to go (vision/goals) (plus some other things the Ministry requires).

    2. The Governance Policy - The "rules of the gang" - how the board operates.

    3. The Operations Policy

      1. Defines the board's delegations to the principal.

      2. Defines the boundaries within which the principal must work.

  3. The board monitors its Policies:

    1. The Annual Agenda is the board's monitoring plan.

    2. The board requires the principal to provide data to demonstrate the extent the Vision and Charter Goals are being achieved by the students (Link to Strategic Focus Reports).

    3. At alternate board meetings we monitor a part of our Operations Policy.  (Link to Board Reports) (Link to Policy Report format).

    4. The board also require the principal to assure us that the National Curriculum requirements are being met by reporting on a different curriculum area at every meeting (Link to Curriculum Reports) (Link to Curriculum Report Format).

A board has "complete discretion" to govern as it sees fit - there is no legal requirement for a board to follow this model of governance.

This model of governance used Kaikohe East School is based on "Policy Governance", sometimes called the "Carver model" after John and Miriam Carver. Our particular version was developed from Moffat, L., & Hines, E. (2003), The governance manual: school charter and policy framework. Wellington: NZSTA.

(Follow this link to the References page where you will find more links to background information about governance)