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1708 Community Consultation Report - 3 August 2017


We had a very good attendance from parents at our mid-year parent/pupil interviews in term 2.

Over the whole school, 165 pupils (out of 271) had parents attend the interview.

One difference was that we gave the written report out AT the meeting and were there to explain it and why we said what we did.

Another thing was our questionnaire that was filled in at the time. We updated lots of out-of-date contact details such as phone numbers and e.mail addresses and found out what the parents thought of various issues.


Class roll

Number who attended

% who attended





















































School total




We have collated all the survey responses below. Thank you all who sent us your feedback.  We have listed a few significant numbers of responses.  We are looking forward to putting some of your ideas into place.  As you will see from the school’s response column this has happened in some instances.  Any further feedback or comment don’t hesitate to contact us.

Questions about Uniform

Does your child/children wear uniform regularly? Yes/No

43 yes responses/5 no responses/1 sometimes

If they do not wear uniform is there something we can help with?

Whanau response

Next term will wear uniform & be proud

School’s response

The school council has now organised a $30 hoodie which will be a warm and a cheaper option.

Stealing can occur but it would be helpful if whanau checked regularly that their child’s uniform items are clearly named.

We have made the uniform compulsory but are aware that for some whanau it may take time to get all items so have to be a little lenient.

We have now changed the polo shirt manufacturer due to imperfections with our first order, hopefully whanau agree that the quality is now better.

Jackets expensive – have alternative black & warriors

Forget to do washing on a Wednesday

Warm jackets for winter

Financial struggle – will attempt to purchase another uniform

Better quality polo shirts

No – Warehouse needs more stock

Stop the stealing in school

Make it full compulsory uniform & run a shop to supply everything (polo, pants & shoes etc)

Like the uniform, tidy, nice colour, easy to spot in public

Do you have any further comment about what we or whanau could do to get all

children in correct uniform more regularly?

Whanau response

No – 2 responses

School response

Glad that there is a cheaper option at The Warehouse but they do sell out quickly, try buying the green basic polo online

We do have a limited “Clothing pool” available to whanau, just come into the office and ask.  Whanau who leave our school are welcome to contribute uniforms to this Clothing pool.

Wednesday wash day is optional, children can still wear their uniform everyday. Mufti is optional on this day.

We will try the reward idea but don’t want to make children who through no fault of their own don’t have a uniform feel bad.

Whanau can feel free to purchase black long sleeve polo shirts to wear under the polos or maybe the hoodie will work. We will investigate a long sleeve polo but expect it to be more expensive.

Warehouse is great! – 3 responses

“Clothing pool” second hand uniform that whanau no longer need, sell to current students at a cheaper price

Friday for wash/mufti day is better

Eliminate wash day, prefer uniform every day

Cheaper winter jacket or more winter options

Class teachers reward children weekly & acknowledge at end of term assembly – those who always wear uniform

Appreciate only having to buy a polo shirt and any black bottom – 2 responses

Long sleeves for winter

Appreciate time payment – 2 responses

Cheaper shirt

ICT in our school

Our school does not use chromebooks/laptops/ipads the whole day, we use them in all classrooms at different times for appropriate work.  Children also complete work in books.  Do whanau want us to change our practice and look at what some other local schools are doing - whanau purchase a chromebook and children use them daily?

Whanau response

Happy with the current arrangement/practice - 16 responses

School response

We visited, last year, about 5 local schools who are part of a Chromebook cluster but following the visit felt that what we are doing was better for us and our children.

We agree that the cost is excessive and if the Ministry of Education and research told us that using Chromebooks and devices 24/7 then they should fund them.

We will continue to budget to make purchases and believe that we are well resourced with ICT devices.

We are happy for other schools to provide a 24/7 chromebook option and are happy to continue to purchase school ict/chromebook devices for our children to use.

Can’t afford chromebook

Deciding factor to why we enrolled our children here was the current practice

Not worried about use of chromebook/don’t have one at home

Shouldn’t have to buy a chromebook

Prefer handwriting/manual teaching & hands on – 2 responses

Unless research suggests chromebooks are beneficial happy for it to remain the same

Are important but feel primary is better for introduction to computers

Prefer no tech unless necessary or a reward

Chromebooks take away ability to write with a pen – 3 responses

Couldn’t hurt looking at the other schools


Please make any further comments below about anything pertaining to our school, your child’s classroom/s, school organisation and other ideas/comments that we need to hear about.  

Whanau response

Great school

School response

Thank you for the positive comments whanau.

We have on many occasions tried to have a pedestrian crossing on Purdy Street but have always been told it is not able to be done.  This is why we have a teacher on duty at this road every morning and afternoon, it is a dangerous road.

Car congestion is a problem, the school councillors are having signs made at the moment to place in the grass to remind cars not to park there.  We will continue to advertise no cars in the bus bay or on the grass area also.

Kutus are very annoying and we will continue to involve our Public Health Nurse and ring whanau when we notice kutus in hair, provide solution and combs.

Aspects of Restorative Justice are used when incidents occur but Whaea Chicky agrees to look further into this approach.

While only one survey mentioned more play etc we agree, but the fact that the Government tells us that Literacy and Numeracy is priority gives us little option apart from being creative, innovative and finding opportunities such as Garden to Table, Energize, Life Education, Passion projects, discovery play etc to relate and complete successful Literacy and Numeracy programmes.

Summer jersey/light jacket

Love prizes for completed surveys

KES Rocks

Bilingual should have a teacher for each year level

Enjoying first term here

Uniform saves on washing & looks smart

Staff are awesome

School is doing an amazing job for my child’s classroom & routine

Need a pedestrian crossing on Purdy St next to Kowhai Corner

Car congestion on grass verge by bus bay, where children are suppose to cross is too dangerous

Child has been attending for 2 months now appreciate warm welcome & assistance

You are awesome KES

Whaea Chicky genuinely cares for staff and students

More emphasis on hygiene (kutus/sores etc) encourage parents to be more active, sick of kids picking up these bugs

Look in to restorative justice methods and resources for serious, recurring bullying situations to add to current anti-bullying methods used

More play, more art, more music, tech, science, sports, hands on outside things! Less reading/writing/math - 1 response