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1606 School House Report - 1 June 2016

1 June 2016

School House Report

The school house is located at 22 Purdy Street, Kaikohe.  It is continuing to be occupied by a teacher of our school and her family. The house continues to be in reasonable condition

Maintenance completed since the last report is as follows:

  • Spouting - drip in master bedroom fixed by Tobins, spouting needs cleaning (on Boss’s to do list - still not completed since last report and water pours out in some places because of the leaves in the spouting build up), down pipes are loose (on Boss’s to do list - fixed by Tobins).

    All these jobs fixed by Jonathon Tau since last report:

  • Roller door on garage doesn’t work

  • Shower Rod is coming out of the wall, whole bar may need replacing

  • Toilet - seat needs replacing and whole toilet is rusting and caked with gunk

  • Shower mixer - water dribbles out of shower, could be just the pressure not the shower mixer.

  • Cold water tap in bathroom screeches when it is turned on

  • Gate support post and gate has rotted between garage and house

Kelli has indicated the following further maintenance issues:

  • Spouting hasn't been cleaned yet, water pours out in some places because of leaves.

  • Inside, pantry and one bedroom door handle need new screws have come off or falling off.

  • Bathroom window needs new lock.

  • Linen cupboard door needs new railings?

  • These jobs are on Boss’s to do list as of Friday 27th May, Graeme did think the leaves were going to be cleared today (Monday 30th May) however this did not happen.

There is a signed Residential Tenancy Agreement on file in the office for the property. The current rental for the property for a teacher is $200 per week.  I recommend we leave the rental for this property at $200 per week and review it at the end of the year.

Report completed by

Chicky Rudkin