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1408 Property Report - 6 August 2014


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From: Kris Morris-Vette <KrisM@watershedgroup.co.nz>
Date: Monday, July 28, 2014
Subject: follow up
To: Chicky Rudkin <chicky@kaikeast.school.nz>

Hi Chicky, thanks for your time on Friday. As discussed here’s a brief summary of the 5YA/10YPP process.


1.      We undertake a condition assessment of the school

2.     Any other specialist reports needed are procured and added to ours (asbestos, structure, drainage etc)

3.     We then look on the MoE website for the information they hold and update, use, or comment on it (these are previously done reports usually driven by the MoE)

4.     PMIS is updated by the MoE, based on our info, if required

5.     All the information is used to inform the 10YPP, and 5YA. This includes the BoT Strategic Plan to make sure property is correctly supporting teaching and learning

6.     We then present a draft to the Bot/you to comment on and agree/disagree.

7.     Once OK’d by the school we submit to the MoE for their approval.


The whole process can take 4-6 months depending on what’s needed to be done by the MoE at the PMIS stage, and our work on the plan itself. We’ll look at the schedule for the school and work backwards from its due date.


Please come back to me if you have any questions.

We’ll be in touch. In the meantime if you need anything please let me know.


Regards Kris,


Kris Morris-Vette


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