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1404 Principal’s Annual Performance Agreement Review 2013-2014 - 9 April 2014

9 April 2014

Kaikohe East School

Principal’s Annual Performance Agreement Review 2013-2014

Performance Expectations

  • The board’s expectations of the principal are documented in its Operations Policy.

  • The two reviews of compliance with these expectations indicate that the principal continues to meet expectations.

Development Objective

  • The principal’s personal development goal was to develop and improve knowledge of Te Reo Maori.

  • There were some timing difficulties with the weekly classes and the PLD offered by the University of Auckland.

  • Nevertheless there has been an improved knowledge of Te reo Māori.

Professional Standards for Principals

  • Three staff members were selected to rate the principal’s performance against the Professional Standards for Principals.

  • Their reviews indicated that the principal has particular strengths professional leadership and community engagement.

Career Allowance Payment

Looking Ahead

  • It has been acknowledged that an outside appraiser should have been engaged to facilitate the principal’s performance appraisal process, but there was no appraiser available for this period.

  • Arrangements are currently being made with an independent appraiser to appraise the Principal and Senior Management Team for 2014-2015.

Don Edmonds