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1505 School House Report - 27 May 2015

27 May 2015

School House Report

The school house is located at 22 Purdy Street, Kaikohe.  It is continuing to be occupied by a teacher of our school and her family. The house continues to be in reasonable condition but there are a number of maintenance issues that I am seeking quotes on with a view to working through according to the priorities.

Maintenance required to date in order of importance:

  • Spouting - drip in master bedroom, spouting needs cleaning (on Boss’s to do list), down pipes are loose (on Boss’s to do list)

  • Roller door on garage doesn’t work

  • Shower Rod is coming out of the wall, whole bar may need replacing

  • Toilet - seat needs replacing and whole toilet is rusting and caked with gunk

  • Shower mixer - water dribbles out of shower, could be just the pressure not the shower mixer.

  • Cold water tap in bathroom screeches when it is turned on

  • Gate support post and gate has rotted between garage and house

There is a signed Residential Tenancy Agreement on file in the office for the property. The current rental for the property for a teacher is $200 per week.

Report completed by

Chicky Rudkin