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1305 Special Needs Report - 28 May 2013

Report to the BOT re Care and Education of Special Needs Children at Kaikohe East Primary School



As of June 2013 we currently now have 5 ORS funded children. Some children are also funded through other avenues such as RTLB, CYFS, IRF, LSF, ESOL and GSE. These are usually short term funding solutions while a child transitions or they are assessed further. All children continue to be mainstreamed with Kaz (SENCO) supporting teacher aides and teachers. GSE in Kaikohe provide support with IEP’s, applications and development of learning programmes.



The ORRS funding contributes towards covering the cost of a teacher aide for the children that have Ors funding. Each child also comes with a small amount for resources and consumables. Funding is allocated to employ a teacher aide but also measured to ensure other costs are covered such as holiday pay and overtime for camps, IEPs and other school excursions or meetings that a teacher aide may be required to attend.


Prepared By: Kaz Chamberlain  Date: May 2013